Top 10 Bollywood Films Based On Shakespeare's Plays

Top 10 Bollywood Films Based On Shakespeare's Plays Hindi Article

Bollywood has been making films of several genres. One such is remaking the plays of classic writers into films. Some films are adaptations of the present-day version of the same. Here is the list of films based on Shakespeare’s plays.

1. Angoor

The film Angoor is based on Shakespeare’s play A Comedy Of Errors. It is about two identical twins. They split apart at birth. Their lives mess out of control when they reunite as adults. Along with their twin kids, whom they each refer to as Ashok, Raj Tilak Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Raj Tilak , and his wife are traveling. The family is split up by an accident. It leaves each parent with one child out of each set of twins. A few years later, Bahadur marries Prema. Ashok marries Sudha. The other Ashok, a fan of detective fiction, and Bahadur, a bhang enthusiast, are introduced into their lives. Their families, the jeweler, the taxi driver, and the inspector cannot handle this situation.


2. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

The film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak is based on Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The brothers from Dhanakpur are Thakur Jaswant and Dhanraj Singh. Ratan is the younger son of Thakur Raghuvir Singh. He left their younger sister Madhu. He got her pregnant. With Raj and Bhagwandas, Jaswant starts a clothes business in Delhi. Rashm is Randhir's daughter. She draws Raj's attention. So, he pretends to be Roop Singh. Raj and Shyam run away when the actual Roop Singh comes. Rashmi and Raj fall in love. They re-connect at a vacation destination. When Randhir comes to know about them, she is married to Roop Singh. Raj breaks down. He feels guilty for falling in love with their enemy.

3. 10ml Love

The film 10 ml Love is based on Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is about three couples. Their lives become connected. Seven years into their marriage, Ghalib and Roshini are constantly being watched by their husband. He is always suspicious. Shweta and Peter, the second couple, are in love and want to get away. The husband gives his mother an herbal potion on the day of their wedding. This they do to make his bride want him. When the men accidentally drink some of the potions and fall in love with the wife. She is running away with her husband. The next morning, everything is back to normal.


4. Maqbool

The film Maqbool is based on Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. The story is about Miyan Maqbool He is the main man of Jahangir Khan Jahangir Khan is an Indian actor. Though he has wo >> Read More... Jahangir Khan . He is a cruel underworld don. Two corrupt policemen predict that Maqbool will soon succeed Abba Ji as head of the Mumbai Underworld. Abba Ji's mistress Nimmi supports Maqbool's wishes and persuades him to assassinate Abba Ji. Maqbool kills Abba Ji. He becomes the Don. Now he and Nimmi are both filled with guilt. The two police are also astrologers. They predict Abba Ji's downfall. They also say Maqbool's death.


5. Ek Duuje Ke Liye

The film Ek Duuje Ke Liye is based on Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. They fall in love, but after Vasu kisses Sapna. She forgives him and sends him a signal by continuously turning on and off the light in her room. Their families stop them from getting married. Vasu meets Sapna at her home. He confesses his love despite the objections. He learns Hindi and classical dance from her. Sapna roams the areas she and Vasu used to go to. Her mother burns the photo. She destroys the cassette clip. Vasu asks Sandhya to marry him. They are reunited due to Sandhya. They stop their wedding. She asks him to visit her.


6. Haider

The film Haider is based on Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Doctor Hilaal Meer was killed in a military operation. This happens after being charged with helping terrorists. Haider is the son of Ghazala. He finds Hilaal in jails and detention facilities. He joins the pro-separatist organization. Roohdaar tells that Hilaal and Roohdaar were both caught by Khurram. Now Haider escapes. He kills his captives, Roohdaar, Arshia, and Khurram's soldiers. He does not kill Khurram. Khurram begs him not to leave. He ignores Ghazala's warning.


7. Ram Leela

The film Goliyo Ki Rasleela Ram Leela is about the struggles between love stories. It shows garba and dandiya, the Gujarati dance forms. Ram, Meghji Bhai's younger brother, steps in to stop a fight between the Rajadi and Sanera clans and saves Bhavani. But Kanji by mistake kills Meghji and is killed by Ram as Ram and Leela fall in love. Ram is honored to become the next Rajadi ruler. As Dhankor Baa orders peace with the opposing tribe, Ram and Leela kill each other when they come to know that they love each other.


8. Omkara

The film Omkara is based on Shakespeare’s play Othello. Omkara Shukla works for Tiwari Bhaisaab. He engages in political crimes. He is a member of the gang. Keshav Upadhyay and Ishwar Tyagi are his closest workers. Omkara and his team let Indore Singh die. In Bhaisaab's opponent in the election. He also murders many of Singh's workers. Bhaisaab is elected in the parliament. Omkara is promoted to the role of the candidate for the next state elections. Indu stole a piece of jewelry that Omkara had given Dolly and ask Kesu to give it to Billo. She is his lover. On the night of their wedding, a snake is unintentionally thrown into Dolly's paint. Langda shoots Kesu. Rajju shoots himself. Omkara suffocates Dolly to death. Indu finds Dolly's body.


9. Issaq

The film Issaq is based on Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Mishra and Teetas Kashyap families live in Banaras. They are two dominant families. They have suffered bad years. This is because of differences in money and power. A local minister tries to intermediate the conflict. Rahul is the son of Mishra. He develops feelings for Bachhi. She is the daughter of Kashyap. They marry in secrecy. This results in more killings.

10. Ishaqzaade

The film Ishqzaade shows two political families, the Chauhans and the Qureshis. They have a long history of rivalry. They are enemies. In a deserted train car, Parma and Zoya fall in love. They get married. Parma corrects his error. He saves Zoya from being killed by his relatives. In a brothel, Parma and Zoya make up. But now Parma goes to get some water, she is caught. The film ends with a message on-screen. After Parma and Zoya lose their lives in a shooting duel. They preserve their love.