Birthday: 10-12-1963
Age: 55
Star sign: Capricorn

Jahangir Khan is an Indian actor. Though he has worked in many films till now, took him years, to achieve recognition in the industry. But thanks to ‘ Paan Singh Tomar’ movie (2012) that made him gain some recognition in the industry. He played the role of Bhanwar Singh (Daddaa) in the movie Paan Singh Tomar. Apart from this movie, he is also known for his performance in films like ‘Apaharan’ (2005), ‘Businessman’ (2012) and recently released, ‘Dilwale’ (2015).

He also appeared in many movies such as ‘Ab Tak Chappan 2’ (2015), ‘Raajneeti’ (2010), ‘ Sankat City’ (2009), ‘Gunaah’ (2002), etc. Jahangir Khan also worked as a still photographer for the film '‘The Perfect Murder'’ in 1988 & as an assistant production controller for ‘ Halla Bol’ Movie (2008). He has shown his budding acting talent in several TV shows including Bahubali (TV series) as well.

He has even worked in the theater industry to improve his acting skills. Jahangir has a unique quality of observing and speaking the language of the people around him. Famous Director Mahesh Bhatt gave him his first break in movies like ‘Ashiqui’ and ‘Sadak’ released in the early 90’s era. Apart from films, he was engaged in jewelry, real estate and clothes business for his financial stability.

Jahangir Khan also wants to be an aspiring director. In fact, to make his directorial debut with, he has a couple of scripts ready with him. They all deal with the current, new age cinema and stories based on real incidents. As he has gained experience in television as well as theater industry, he says - “TV industry provides good money, and Theater enhances our acting prowess as well as confidence. Acting in front of a live audience is great in itself.”

Jitendra Joshi Hindi Actor

Jitendra Joshi

Jitendra Joshi is a renowned Marathi theater artist. He is also popular as a film actor and reality show host. His versatility is evident from the fact that he has played the lead hero, side hero, comic hero and even villain. He is an actor who makes acting look so effortless and unpretentious. He is popular for his police roles. Apart from acting, he is also a very good writer. He collaborated with the famous duo Ajay-Atul for the superhit number”Kombdi Palai”. The famous item song “Chikni Chameli” was somewhat a copy of this song. Jitendra Joshi was born on 27 January 1978 in Mumbai. He was brought up in Mumbai itself. After finishing his schooling in Mumbai, he moved to Thane where he did his diploma from VPM’s Polytechnic. He then got his degree from D Y Patil College of Engineering in Pune and then did his Masters in Engineering Management from Australia. Jitendra used to play small roles in theaters until he got his first break in 2003 with the Hindi movie “Pran Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye”. Not having the so called hero like looks, Jitendra essayed all the roles that he was offered; may it be as a sidekick or a villain, he proved his acting skills by playing roles that were varied and distinct. Recently, Jitendra played the role of Tukaram, the saint. This role got him much love and appreciation from both the audience and the critics. His role as the antagonist in the movie Duniyadari got him many accolades. Also in 2011, Jitendra played the character of “Narumama” in the movie “Shala”. This movie got a good critical reception. The director of the movie lauded the work done by Jitendra. Jitendra is married to Mithali Joshi, and the couple has a daughter named Reva Joshi.


Kamal Chopra

Kamal Chopra is a film veteran, working in the Bollywood film industry since 1984. Kamal Chopra has acted in nearly thirty films in supporting roles, giving quality and perfection to the character that he portrays. Noticeable films that he has taken part in includes 1989 film ‘Parinda’, 2001 film ‘Moksha’ and ‘Singh is King’ (2008). Although he has acted in nearly thirty films, his personal favorite is the 2013 film ‘2 little Indians'. In the movie, he portrays a retired colonel. He says that it was difficult for him to be in character since the role he plays contrasts his natural, joyful nature. The name of the character that is portrayed by him is ‘Colonel Sahib’ or ‘Moochwala Uncle’ the latter is the name given to him by the two children who are sent to stay with him during vacations. Chopra plays a strict grandfatherly role, and his temper tantrums and the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of the retired defense personnel is very lifelike and realistic. It was a great achievement for him as he had served the industry wholeheartedly for over two decades and he believes that acting in ‘2 little Indians’ was its reward. Through the film, which was directed by Ravi Bhatia hopes to inculcate in the viewers, the feeling of patriotism and the need to inculcate discipline in one’s life. Kamal Chopra began to act in films only after a successful career in the ad-film industry. He had acted in more than fifty advertisements, most of them portraying him in a comical or humorous manner. Chopra’s passion for the film industry is not merely a passion for acting alone. He likes to study and know about all aspects of film making, and he has proven that he is a very skilled person behind the camera, as he is in front of it since he has worked as a still photographer for the film ‘Khamosh’ and as an assistant cameraman for the film ‘Saaransh’ . Currently, Kamal Chopra hopes to find new projects that would enable him to showcase his talents.

Kamal Chopra Hindi Actor