Top 10 Bollywood Films Where The Antagonist Dies

Top 10 Bollywood Films Where The Antagonist Dies Hindi Article

Bollywood has been creating several types of films of many genres. There are stories where the villain, due to their deed, dies. Some films have a strong plot where the protagonist, for the well-being of the people, turns up to become the hero. Here is the list of films where the antagonist dies.

1. Sholay

The film Sholay is about Thakur Baldev Singh. He hires Jai and Veeru to kill Gabbar Singh Click to look into! >> Read More... Gabbar Singh . He is a dacoit. He is wanted for fifty thousand. Gabbar's gang attacks the villagers during the Holi festival. Jai and Veeru save them. They promise to find Gabbar alive. Thakur says that he killed his family members. He amputated his arms. Gabbar demands that Jai and Veeru hand themselves over to him. The villagers reject him. Jai kills himself, killing Gabbar's soldiers in the process. Gabbar is attacked in his area by Veeru. He almost kills him. Thakur reminds him of his promise to bring him alive. He discovers Basanti waiting for him on the train. Gabbar is arrested by the police.


2. Don

The film Don is about a powerful criminal, Don. He fools and runs away from the police. He is wanted in eleven different countries. He faces an accident. He is wounded. He dies. DSP D’Silva wants to capture him alive. DSP D'Silva arranges for the burial of Don's corpse at a cemetery. He then pretends to be Vijay to catch Don's gang. Jasjit has been freed from prison. He wants to see his kids again. Vijay gives DSP D'Silva a red diary. He gets to know that the gang members are employed by Vardhaan Makhija. Narang and the other gang members find out Vijay is a fake. After he is imprisoned, he says that the diary he burned was the one he had replaced with a blank one.

3. Agneepath

The film Agneepath is about revenge. The people admire Deenanath Chauhan. He is an honest teacher. He has a son. But Kancha wants to establish a drug area in Mandwa. He is killed. They have Eknath Gaitonde as his guardian. Kancha agrees to Vijay's takeover of Lala's enterprise. They want an end to the crimes perpetrated by Lala's gang. But only on the condition that Gaitonde dies. Vijay murders Kancha. He destroys the island of Mandwa. He takes exact revenge for the deaths of Deenanath and Kaali.


4. Ghajini

The film Ghajini is about revenge. Sunita studies Sanjay Singhania's case.  He has anterograde amnesia. He has pictures, notes, and tattoos to help him remember his aim to get revenge on Kalpana Shetty's killer. Sanjay is jailed. He is given a sedative. Sunita steals his diary and releases Arjun. Sunita comes to know about Kalpana. She helps him in finding Ghajini in his neighborhood. After regaining his memory, Sanjay uses the iron rod to kill Ghajini.


5. Krrish

The film Krrish is about Rohit Mehra. He is a physicist. He lives in Kasauli. He takes an IQ test. His late wife Nisha, are parents of Krishna Mehra. While Honey Arora and Priya Kalyanan see him, his grandma Sonia rejects his supernatural abilities. To cover his sister's surgical costs, Krishna adopts Krrish's identity. After learning that Krishna is the genuine Krrish, Priya and Honey fall in love with him. Rohit is still alive. Dr. Vikram Sinha discovers this. Krishna protects them from Siddhant.


6. Singham

The film Singham is about Bajirao Singham. He is a police officer. He is honest. To get revenge for his humiliation in Shivgad, Jaikant utilizes his political connections to shift Singham to Goa. He joins the Colva police department. Jaikant confronts him. He tries to threaten him. He fails. Singham is powerful. He does not fear anything. He comes to know about Kadam's incident. Kavya stops him. Jaikant escapes. He is killed by the police. Singham challenges the police to protect him. They arrest Shiva. They stop Patkar.


7. Dhoom 2

In the film Dhoom 2, the dual role is played by Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan with his unimaginable dance moves i >> Read More... Hrithik Roshan as Aryan Singh Aryan Singh is a veteran actor. He has done four f >> Read More... Aryan Singh and Mr. A, who is the villain. Mr. A steals Queen’s Crown disguising himself. After investigation, ACP finds that there will be another heist. Jai steals another rare diamond disguising himself as Mr. A. He and Sunehri team up and plans a heist. He falls in love with Sunehri and reveals himself as Aryan Singh. Ali, Jai, and Bose form a group. But in Jai’s words, Sunehri shoots Aryan. Later it is found that Aryan is alive. He leaves the crime world and opens a restaurant in Fiji. Jai and his team continue their heist.


8. Dabangg

The film Dabangg is about Chulbul Pandey. He is a little kid. He stays in Laalgunj, Uttar Pradesh, with his mother, Naina Devi, stepfather Prajapati Pandey, and half-brother Makkhanchand Pandey, who is known as Makkhi. He becomes police after twenty-one years. Rajjo and Chulbul fall in love. Rajjo rejects Chulbul's marriage proposal. When Chulbul gets home, his mother dies. Makkhi beats one of his employees in his factory. Chulbul scolds him. Makkhi and Prajapati are taken to the police station by Chedi. They take advantage of the situation. Chulbul destroys Makkhi's factory. He destroys Chedi's breweries. When Makkhi asks Chedi for assistance, he is assigned to kill Chulbul. He says to Chulbul that Chedi killed Naini. Then both men strangle him to death. They make him breathe in smoke.


9. Ek Villain Click to look into! >> Read More... Ek Villain

In the film Ek Villain Aisha Verma is a happy young woman. She has a fatal disease. Guru Divekar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Guru Divekar is a strong, angry man. They fall in love. They marry. Aisha comes to know that she is expecting a baby. She plans to inform Guru face-to-face when he comes back. A lousy man named Rakesh Mahadkar kills other women just as he wishes to as he is angry. He kills Aisha. Guru now constantly runs after him. He beats him severely to punish him. Guru is shocked to find that Aisha is pregnant. When Caesar steps in to stop Rakesh from murdering Aisha's father, he Guru, Rakesh's son Manish is left for him to kill.

10. Race

The film Race is about Ranvir Singh, known as Ronny, Rajiv Singh, Sonia Martin, and Kabir Ahuja. Sonia betrays Ronny and pushes him away. Rajiv wants to kill Ronny. He wants to inherit one hundred million dollars in insurance payments. RD comes in front of Rajiv. He keeps quiet in return for twenty-five million dollars. Sonia is to be killed by a man hired by Rajiv. Ronny saves her. Rajiv and Sophia are killed while carrying a bomb. When Rajiv and Sophia die, Ronny wants to collect insurance money, but RD stops him. A bomb-filled suitcase is given to RD by Ronny.