Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Emerged With A New Name

Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Emerged With A New Name Hindi Article

Name is an important identity for everyone. But sometimes, people their names to suit their profession or to enhance their luck. As the Shakespeare said that what is there in the name? Yes, it’s true that your doings are more important than your name. Our Bollywood celebs also change their names before stepping out in the Bollywood industry. Here, we have compiled a list of top 10 Bollywood stars who changed their real names.

1. Katrina Kaif

The snow-white Katrina is the heartbeat for every youngster. She has converted her name from Kate Torquotte to Katrina Kaif, and now she is ruling the hearts overseas. Today, Katrina is one of the leading faces of the Bollywood.

2. Tiger Shroff

The king of Marshal Arts and smooth dance moves has changed his name from Jai Hemant Shroff to Tiger Shroff. There is no doubt that this name goes with his persona. Whatever the name is, it doesn’t matter. We just love you, Tiger.

3. Sunny Leone

 The hot and gorgeous Sunny had won millions of hearts when she stepped in Bollywood. Her real name was Karanjeet Kaur Vohra, as she is a Punjabi girl. The Baby doll is moving forward in the Indian cinema with a super jet speed.

4. Mimoh Chakraborty

Haunted fame Mimoh was born as Mahaakshay Chakraborty. But the name is lengthy. That’s why his father Mithun started calling him Mimoh. And he is known by the name Mimoh Chakraborty in the Indian Film Industry.

5. Tina Ahuja

Lovely daughter of our very own dancing superstar Govinda was born with a typical Indian name Narmada. She changed her name to Tina Ahuja, and she is one of the well-known faces of the Bollywood. She has made her Bollywood debut with the comedy drama, “ Second Hand Husband” in the year 2015.

6. Tia Bajpai

She is a famous singer & actress who opt name Tia Bajpai, as originally she is Twinkle Bajpai. Tia has shown her acting skills in Haunted & thriller movies.

7. Mannara Chopra

Mannara is the sister of eminent girls of the Bollywood, Priyanka and Parineeti. She was born with the name Barbie because of her doll-like looks, but when she entered into the Bollywood, she chose a name, Mannara Chopra. She told that during the time of her first film, “ Zid,” her director Vivek Agnihotri advised her to change her real name.

8. Ranveer Singh

The Ramleela actor doesn’t change his name totally rather he just dropped his surname. Ranveer is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani, which looks like a royal name. He chooses to be only Ranveer Singh and what matters for him are his electrifying performances.

9. Sonam Kapoor

Like Ranveer, Sonam Kapoor also just modify her name instead of changing it wholly. Earlier, she used to write her name as Sonam A. Kapoor. Now, she skipped the letter ‘A’ and became Sonam Kapoor.

10. Rhehan Malliek

Rhehan has done many movies, but he got prominence with his role in “Ishq in Paris.” He is a sizzling model and actor who was originally Gaurav Chanana. The reason he converts his name is to give respect to his uncle, who was the first in the family to adopt a new surname. On the other hand, it also said that he tries this new name because he wants a fresh starts.