Top 10 Best Web Series To Enjoy This Weekend

Top 10 Best Web Series To Enjoy This Weekend Hindi Article

' Pitchers Pitchers is a famous Indian Web Series which featu >> Read More... Pitchers ':

This show is not at all like the mainstream Indian shows. It is very relatable to all the youth of this generation. The dialogues and the scenes will consistently keep on coming in the head which will make you laugh for a week or two after completing the series. The story is about four young, enthusiastic friends wanting to become entrepreneurs with their start-up ideas quitting their jobs thus creating a lot of dilemmas.

Ladies Room:

Well as the name suggests, we all know that one mysterious place never been visited by men ever- The Ladies Room (The Washroom). The story happens in six different loos and all the good and bad experiences inside it. The two characters Dingo and Khanna fights and tries to survive all odds coming to them very boldly and being a bad-ass without being unapologetic and remorseful at all. This show is rather about bold gender equality more than giving moral values which makes it fall under a different genre from all the other web series.


This epic five episode YouTube series is popularly trending right now. This fresh content is about three siblings Chitwan, Chandaan and Chanchal who decides for a random road trip together to find themselves and their relationship with each other. The most exciting character is the youngest brother Chitwan who is a local DJ and knows how to enjoy life to the fullest and thus teaching his siblings to do the same and chill in life. The trip seems to be a fiasco but in the finale episode finally becomes a success with the family reunion making the bond much stronger than before.

Permanent Roommates TVF’s most demanded show Permanent Roommates is th >> Read More... Permanent Roommates :

TVF's first web series was “Permanent Roommates Season 1” which was about how long distance relationships works and how after three long years they finally meet up which doesn't quite turn well. This season was pretty good yet very simple. But the second season was definitely something which I would rate it much superior to TVF Pitchers. The emotional drama is nicely projected on the screen. The show shows how handling real life marriage creates so many complications in the on-going relationship. The anticipation from marriages are portrayed well. Every episode gets a new storyline and thus increases the inquisitiveness of the regular followers. And lastly, the character named Purushottam Ji is the funniest character who adds as the icing on the whole cake.

Life Sahi Hai:

This sitcom is given by the most famous people who gave the epic movie " Pyaar Ka Punchnama Click to look into! >> Read More... Pyaar Ka Punchnama ". The sitcom revolves around four Delhi boys sharing a flat thus learning to live independently. As being roommates and handling each other’s gimmick every day is the best part in sharing a flat between bachelors. Besides these the daily witty and funny life hacks of picking up girls and bosses are hilarious.

" Bang Baaja Baaraat Click to look into! >> Read More... Bang Baaja Baaraat ":

The new web series gets a good name and stands apart from all other series on YouTube as being produced by the big banner YRF's Y-Film. When it comes to casting good actors with a fascinating look and feel like in the mainstream movies, this is no different in this regard. But the actual thing that makes it intriguing is the well written funny script with an admirable storyline and great humour. The present-day rom-com shows the urban lifestyle and the amusing bachelorette party thrown for the bride turn out to be uproarious. Further, this show interestingly shows the co-existing collection of cultures in India with the intersection of traditional and modern ways of living.


In this era of Snap Chat that our generation surely lives in, Baked is the best show amongst the youth. Between the business minds of the youth and the students, this show is all about how they pitched the idea and wonderfully worked for them thus letting them have one hell of an awesome roller coaster ride with a lot of experience. it has twenty-three-minute-long episodes with over forty characters, and thirty various locations, this seven-part series is slated to be the biggest thing from India to hit the internet space.

I Don't Watch TV:

A fictional yet the real world of the famous and biggest names in the Indian television. It showcases all that happens inside the glamourous world of these famous stars and the industry in a funny way. The famous Nakuul Mehta Nakuul Mehta is an Indian Model, Anchor and an Ac >> Read More... Nakuul Mehta with all his real star friends shows us all the drama, struggles of them even after being great stars as they all are under the mimicked character of Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... Ekta Kapoor .

Chinese Bhasad:

It tells the story of Major BadrinathTripathi and his Singapore returned grandson with a Chinese girl, whom he wants to marry. The story mainly revolves around how the grandson tries to convince his grandfather, who hates Chinese and anything to do with China from the time he lost his entire squadron due to his 2 min visit to the loo during the Indo-China war 56 years earlier.

Man's World:

The first Y-Films series, is a satirical comedy on "What if women treated men the same way men treated women." Kiran is of a nation; the world is really unfair to men. Fed up with it, he prays for the world to swap and for men and women to interchange places. What are the consequences when his wishes come true- forms the story.