The Real Stories Behind What Took These Celebrities To Jail

The Real Stories Behind What Took These Celebrities To Jail Hindi Article

The lives of the film stars are not as simple as we think. They too have hardships in life. Sometimes, a desire makes you fall into well of deceit; the other times, love makes you so blind that you can’t differentiate between good or bad, and in some cases, we indulge in wrong activities, and it becomes our addiction. As these possibilities exist in our lives, similarly they exist in our star’s life. The procedure is same- going in the courts and fighting for your pride.

There have been many such examples in Bollywood. These actors and actresses went to the jail for committing crimes.

1. Rajpal Yadav Rajpal Yadav, the hilarious Indian movie actor, ac >> Read More... Rajpal Yadav


Did you remember this guy? The comedy legend, Rajpal Yadav went to jail for ten days. He concealed the facts about five crores in a recovery suit filed against him. His fans never expected such a headline about him.

2. Vindhu Dara Singh


Vindhu Dara Singh went behind the bars because he took part in Indian Betting League. He vet money on himself as well as helped the other bookies too. Later, he appeared on the famous television show Bigg Boss Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil language version of t >> Read More... Bigg Boss .


3. Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan

Salman Khan made it twice to the jail. He was guilty of two suspicions- hunting antelopes in Jodhpur during the shooting of his film and hit and run case while drunk driving.


4. John Abraham Like some of our sexy stars, John Abraham has had >> Read More... John Abraham

The charming John Abraham has a criminal record too. The authorities accused the bike lover of rash driving and hitting two persons from his vehicle.




The arrest of the Nawab of the Pataudi family came as a shock to his fans. The police took him in their hands for hitting a person at Taj Hotel where he went to have a meal with Kareena and .


6. Sonali Bendre Sonali Bendre, the epitome of beauty and grace was >> Read More... Sonali Bendre

The ravishing beauty in the above picture is guilty of posing in an inappropriate manner while shooting for a magazine. Sonali Bendre went to jail for being in the wrong stance.

7. Indre Kumar

We saw this man with Salman Khan in ‘ Jai Ho Click to look into! >> Read More... Jai Ho ’ and ‘Wanted.’ Recently, Indre Kumar went to jail in the charge of rape of a 24-year old girl at his flat. It is a matter of shame seeing such actors accused of rape charges.

8. Armaan Kohli What Lady Luck had in store for Bollywood supersta >> Read More... Armaan Kohli

Armaan Kohli came to the limelight because of his alleged affair with the co-contestant Tanisha Mukherjee in Bigg Boss. Later, one of the co-contestants, Sophia filed a complaint against him for using abusive language for her on National TV.

9. Shiney Ahuja Shiney Ahuja was born on May 15, 1975, to Suraj Pr >> Read More... Shiney Ahuja

It was one of the most shocking news that Shiny Ahuja was behind the bars. The image of the actor was sweet and handsome until he sat for an interrogation under the charges of raping his housemaid. He received huge mockery by the film city.


The Khiladi himself committed a crime in public which came as a shock to the audience. Police arrested Akshay Kumar for doing adultery in public. He let Twinkle Khanna Twinkle Khanna made herdebut in Indian film indust >> Read More... Twinkle Khanna unbutton his pant.

11. ' Madhubala Madhubala is regarded as the Venus of Indian cinem >> Read More... Madhubala '

The evergreen beauty Madhubala was in custody for not completing her professional commitment after taking the advance from B.R. Chopra. Did you ever know that? I guess many of you didn’t.

12. Fardeen Khan Fardeen Khan is a former film actor, known for doi >> Read More... Fardeen Khan

The chocolate boy of our industry was not far away from the jail call. Fardeen Khan suffered some days of jail life for the charges of being found with cocaine.