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Historical And Mythological TV Series Hindi Article

1. Ramanand Sagar Ramanand Sagar is an Indian filmmaker, director, a >> Read More... Ramanand Sagar ’s ""

Ramayana is one of the most famous Indian epic TV serial that got aired on Doordarshan during 1986-1988. It was written and directed by ‘Ramanand Sagar’. During those days, the entire nation came to a standstill for watching the show as the ancient mythology has been brought to life on the television in a beautiful manner. It is the story of incarnation by the Lord on the earth for nine times, and the seventh avatar is known as Ram Avatar. It depicts the family relations between the Pandavas and their cousins, the Kauravas.



2. ""


It is a historical TV series that is aired on Sony TV since June 2015 and is soon going off-air in July. The story has been based on a character from Mahabharata named Karna, who turns out to be the best archer of that scenario. The serial starts with the boon of a Sage Durvasa to Kunti, who could only give birth to a child if she invokes any deity. Later on, she thought of testing it, so she chanted mantras to Sun God and was handed over a baby who is Karna. As she wasn’t married, she decided to set the baby afloat on river Ganga. The story is all about the fight for existence by Surya Putra Karn.



3. Jodha Akbar Jodha Akbar is a very popular epic historical tele >> Read More... Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar is a historical drama that got aired on Zee TV and got off air a few months ago, but presently it is being shown on Zee Anmol. This serial revolves around the love life of a Mughal emperor i.e. Akbar and a Rajput princess i.e. Jodha Bai, which starts with a political marriage and ends up with their love and respect for each other to such extent that India’s fate gets changed. It also shows the relations and war between two empires-Mughal and Rajputs.





Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is a historical drama that gets aired on Colors TV. The serial starts with a dream that Chanakya saw in which Chandragupta Maurya Chandragupta Maurya was co-created by Sagar Expres >> Read More... Chandragupta Maurya aware him of the upcoming danger to the Mauryan Empire. As Bindusara is the present king of the dynasty, Chanakya tries to save the king’s life from dangers with the help of his disciples. Later on, the focus of the show shifted to youth life of Ashoka, where Chanakya gives guidance to him in crucial circumstances as he believes that Ashoka could serve the empire in future. The story is all about how Ashoka becomes the successor even after facing politics and fulfills his guru’s dream of Akhand Bharatvarsh.



5. "Devon Ke Dev: Mahadev"


Mahadev It is a mythological drama series that got aired on Life Ok channel. The story depicts the life of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. This serial shows their separation and reunion, their journey together that affected the world. It inspires everyone and reveals their spiritual side. It got off-air soon without its completion.


6. Jhansi Ki Rani Jhansi Ki rani is a historical drama based on the >> Read More... Jhansi Ki Rani

It is a historical drama that got aired on Zee TV in the year 2009. The serial shows the real-life story of Lakshmi Bai who was also known as Jhansi Ki Rani. She was the Queen of Maratha who became an extraordinary ruler and fought for her dynasty against the Britishers. The bravery that she showed for India led to the emergence of many revolutionaries who freed the nation from the foreigner’s rule.


7. Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman is the mythological >> Read More... Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman is a mythological Indian series that got aired on Sony TV. The show depicts the story of Hanuman’s life since his childhood and his devotion towards Sri Rama. Hanuman is one of the strongest Gods among the Hindus and is known as Superhero. The serial has been shown from the viewpoint of Lord Shri Krishna and Rukmini.


8. " Meera Meera is Tamil mega serial that is being aired in >> Read More... Meera "

Meera is a historical drama that got aired on NDTV Imagine during 2009-2010. The story revolves around Meera Bai, who is a poet-saint of the 15th century, whose lyrical songs of devotion towards Lord Krishna is famous. She believes that Krishna is her husband. The character embodies her true love, loyalty, and sacrifice that she shows even after facing opposition from the society.


9. " Vishnupuran Vishnupuran is an Indian television soap opera bas >> Read More... Vishnupuran "

This TV series got aired on Indian television in the year 2003. The story is a collection of ancient stories from the scripture Srimad Bhagavat Mahapuran. It tells us about the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and other stories as well related to the Legend Dhruva. Though the show didn’t get success in comparison to Mahabharat, but it was popular among the devotees of Shri Vishnu.


10. "Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishn"

This serial got aired on Imagine TV in the year 2011. It focuses on the adult life of Shree Krishna Shree Krishna is a Tamil TV serial that airs on Co >> Read More... Shree Krishna , his bonding with his family members and to be wife Rukmini. The devotees of the deity got moral teachings based on the real life events of Lord. Soon the serial got off air in the midst, due to the shutdown of the channel.