20 Before And After Scenes Of Bollywood Movies Which Are Shot On Chroma

20 Before And After Scenes Of Bollywood Movies Which Are Shot On Chroma  Hindi Article

Film Making is a challenging task. The directors need to have perfect locations and perfect weather to shoot the scenes flawlessly. There are times when there are shots such as the actor jumping into a well or something, but in reality they do not jump into the well and it is done through Chroma or visual effects. Visual effects and Chroma play a significant role, such as when we need a location and we do not have it then we could just shoot that particular scene on Chroma; it is a cloth which can be removed in editing and replaced by any object or any location. Here are 20 scenes from Bollywood movies which are done this way.

1. ‘ Kick

The Salman Khan starrer film Kick was an excellent film. As shown in the picture above, the train scene in the movie is shot on Chroma. As shown above, Salman is moving in front of the train which is not impossible in reality until and unless the train is on the platform. Therefore, in this scene railway tracks are used but Chroma is there at the place of the actual train and later in the editing part the Chroma is replaced by the train.

2. ‘ Dostana

In the scene above, the director tried to show a house with a glass wall where the outside location is visible but the scene is actually done inside an ordinary house. As shown above, Chroma is placed at the backdrop and later it got replaced by the beautiful image of buildings which enhanced the scene automatically. Therefore, at times when the resources are not available, these techniques can be used.

3. ‘ Wanted

In the above scene, the visual effects and other methods are used to show the abs of the Superstar Salman Khan. As shown above, in the ‘before’ scene Salman’s stomach is extremely flat and with the help of visual effects his abs are created in the ‘after’ scene which reflects the Superstar’s wonderful body shape and enhances the quality of the scene, and makes it more attention grabbing.

4. ‘ Kites

As shown in the above scene, Hrithik Roshan is standing at a barren land but after using different techniques the scene is made more beautiful and the quality is bettered with the help of visual effects and Chroma technique. Water is added in both the scenes where in reality water is not there. Such astonishing effects change the look and feel and provide the perfect scene that the director was looking for.

5. ‘ Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

In this scene of the film Chroma is used to show a perfect location outside. There may be a very filthy place outside this house and the director wanted to show a different location, therefore, he used the Chroma technique to change the locality outside the house. As mentioned in the image, the outside location got hidden with the help of Chroma and later it is changed.

6. ‘ De Dana Dan

As shown in the image above, there is a terrace and a lot of people are there on the terrace but there is a possibility that the location around it is very dirty or not suitable to the scene, or it might not be fulfilling the need of the director. Therefore, Chroma is used in the outlook to show a different location as revealed above in the second image.

7. ‘Chak De India’

As shown in the ‘before’ image above, the ground with the audience is visible and in the ‘after’ image it is done with the help of different techniques. In the ground there is no public and the director needed to show it. As it is complex sometimes to arrange and manage the crowd, making it a most challenging work, therefore, this is another technique which is used in the film to show the audience.

8. ‘ Chennai Express

In this movie, Chroma technique is used to enhance the quality of the scene and give the scene a perfect location which made the scene look more beautiful and attention grabbing. As shown in the above image, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are in front of the green Chroma and later the location is changed and it thus made the scene tremendously beautiful.

9. ‘ Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

As shown in the above scene of the film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, the scene which has to appear in front of a train is actually not shot so, and it is done in front of the Chroma and later removed or replaced by a train. The scene is done in the middle of a railway track and there is no railway station as well, therefore, shooting the train scene, in reality, is a bit complex.

10. ‘ Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

As shown in the above scene of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag there is no audience and it is very tricky to get the crowd and to manage it as well. As shown in the image there is a huge crowd gathered around and to get people in such a great number is a bit complex, therefore the Chroma technique helps a lot in such situations and gives a perfect look to the scene.

11. ‘ Ready

As shown in the image above Asin Thottumkal and Salman are hanging from a tree and without any support balancing in such a location is quite difficult therefore Chroma technique is used to make the scene exactly how it was planned. As shown, they are at a place where there are a lot of trees and Chroma is located around them.

12. ‘ Ra One

As shown in the above image, Shah Rukh Khan is jumping out of the train which is not a railway track. In reality, it created a setup which got later removed through editing. No one could ever imagine that the fantastic locations and scenes that we see are most of the time created graphically which enhances the quality of the scenes and make them worth watching.

13. ‘ Special 26

As shown in the image above there is no airplane present at the time of scene as the scene is shot using the Chroma technique and later in the editing, the Chroma is replaced with the airplane. This astonishes how most of the typical things are made so easier because shooting a three hour film is not a small task. It takes efforts and sometimes if resources are less or difficult to manage then these techniques could help.

14. ‘ Cocktail

This is the part of the title track of the movie Cocktail and the scene is so beautiful but in actuality, it is absolutely different and created graphically as well. In reality, the location is not similar to the edited one. There might be a possibility that the actual location is not suitable enough then the scene is shot on Chroma and later made so beautiful and worth watching.

15. ‘ Chandni Chowk To China

The scene is indeed stunning and worth watching, but it does not exist in real. It got created artificially through technology. As it is visible in the above image the scene is done on Chroma and later edited and made so beautiful that it enhanced the quality of the scene as well. The scene played a very significant role in making the movie aesthetically pleasant.

16. ‘ Oh My God

This scene of the film is simply incredible but as we can see the difference between the reality and the one which is in reality. The scene isn’t shot on the roadside; rather it is done on Chroma and later made so different with the help of editing. The stunt which is visible is not done by the actors themselves, but the bike is hung that way with the help of ropes. So much of effort is needed to shoot a single scene.

17. ‘ Madras Cafe'

The scene is shot at a usual location and not at the exact location as the scene demands and it is made that way with the help of editing and such stuff. The place on which it is done is quite different and the difference can be seen clearly in the two images above.

18. ‘ Samrat And Co

The scene is indeed very striking and aesthetically pleasing but the reality of the scene is something else. It does not exist in the reality and the scene is technologically created. As it is visible in the image above, the background is incredibly beautiful and such techniques can totally change the look and feel of the outlook tremendously.

19. ‘ Baahubali

The scene is done in the morning but as shown it is a night scene which is completed through editing. As we can see the drastic change after editing in the ‘before’ editing image, it is not a mountain, rather it is made of sand but when the colour is pitch-black it is looking like a mountain.

20. ‘ Sultan

As we can see in the image that the scene is done in front of Chroma and later edited and made so different and worth watching. A lot of techniques are there in the film, many visual effects, Chroma, VFX and much more. These were the few movies that were shot on Chroma and which turned out to be so beautiful and astonishing that it mesmerized the audience.