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It’s Rohit Shetty Shtyle Express. As its clear from the name, it’s all about Chennai and about trains. Shahrukh Khan taking his chances again with Rahul (naam toh suna hoga) in this film. SRK is a 40-year-old guy still bachelor telling his story how he meets with Deepika Padukone in the style of DDLJ and then his life never be the same.

SRK kidnapped by the group of south Indian peoples who has just thrown the TC out of the running train which is witnessed by the SRK. Then Deepika told him you are coming with us because you are the sole witnesses of the incident just happened she explains to him that my father is a very reputed man and corrected SRK that he The Don not a teacher which completely blow his mind off.

The story is full of songs and dance number and filled with action and it’s a story of a journey of a man who take a stand in a completely different environment and place where he never been before and fall in love with the same girl he is blaming for all the trouble.