Top 10 Movies That Became An Instant Classic

Top 10 Movies That Became An Instant Classic English Article

Some movies are hits, and some are flops. They’re liked and disliked. But some films have become legends. Their stories and characters affect people so much in so many ways that they become an integral part of our lives. We feel them on a personal level; we adore the characters, we empathize, and we grieve with them. We’ve created a list of the top 10 movies that became instant classics the moment they were released.


1. La La land (2016)

‘La La Land’ is a dreamy gateway to music and romance. Need we say anything more? ‘ La La Land Click to look into! >> Read More... La La Land ’ swept everyone off their feet with the stunning performances by Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling is a Canadian artist. Born at 2:34 am >> Read More... Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Emma Stone was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her or >> Read More... Emma Stone , gorgeous set designs, and musicals. The movie's theme is about a couple falling in love but struggling to keep the flame alive with their careers.



2. Avengers Endgame (2019)

Any marvel lovers in the room? Only a true Marvel fan knows how much this movie means to them. The final endgame had to be the showdown between Thanos and the Avengers, and it didn't disappoint. The movie kept the audience on edge until  the end. There were some heartbreaks and moments that seemed unreal. But overall, it was the perfect end to the story of the Avengers.




3. Joker (2019)

This movie needs no introduction. It was everywhere. This Joaquin Phoenix starrer played all its cards right and gave us something so haunting and raw that it gave the audience goosebumps. The performance of Phoenix was excellent. The story of a man who suffers at the hands of society and fate and slowly loses his touch to sanity makes for an exciting sit.



4. Moonlight Click to look into! >> Read More... Moonlight (2016)

Some movies touch your heart. ‘Moonlight’ is a very personal movie. We seldom see homosexuality and black men in the same room. This movie broke so many stereotypes that it should get an award for just that. The story of a boy who feels that he’s different but cannot understand why. The movie encapsulates the young African American child's confusion, fear, and longing as he grows into adulthood. It’s truly a masterpiece.



5. Wonder Woman Click to look into! >> Read More... Wonder Woman (2017)

as Wonder Woman was a sight to behold. This 2017 movie is known for its gripping storyline and strong depiction of women. It is a story of a woman who is, not from Earth, but does everything and more to save it. The loss of love and longing is beautifully depicted in the movie. The actors have done a commendable job in their respective roles.




6. Call me by your name (2017)

This coming-of-age movie is so refreshing that it leaves you with a broken heart and an appetite for more. The love story of Oliver and Elio is just like star-crossed lovers meeting at the wrong time. The story is about the complex life of Elio, a teenager vacationing when his parents invite Oliver as their guest for the summer and things change forever. The film was successful in its attempt to normalize what’s  considered taboo in the mainstream. Do give it a watch!


7. Dangal Dangal is a Hindi live debate show that aired on A >> Read More... Dangal (2016)

Amir Khan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Amir Khan and the Dangal girls took the country by storm with ‘Dangal’. A movie about a father's ambition and a dream of a gold medal. It is an awakening of a father that his daughters can fulfil his dreams, too. This beautiful story follows the life of the wrestlers Geeta and Babita Phogat and their journey to becoming a wrestler. This movie also depicts the solid father-daughter bond, which leaves you teary-eyed. This movie is a must-watch.


8. Andhadhun Click to look into! >> Read More... Andhadhun (2018)

One thing Bollywood fans often miss out on is a good crime thriller. ‘Andhadhun’ dismissed that complaint. This Ayushmann Khurrana starrer gave the audience jaw-dropping twists and a dark storyline. The movie is about a blind pianist who finds himself somewhere in the wrong place at the wrong time. What ensues after is complete chaos and a treat for thriller fans. Tabu and Radhika Apte Radhika Apte, an Indian actress was born on Sept 7 >> Read More... Radhika Apte are also in the lead roles and have given stunning performances. The music, especially the piano scores, is beautiful and haunting. Truly the talk of the town during its release.


9. MS Dhoni (2016)

MS Dhoni is one of India's most loved cricketers. His life story is an inspiration to all. Sushant Singh Rajput Sushant Singh Rajput is one of the famous Indian t >> Read More... Sushant Singh Rajput single-handedly nailed the character. His personality, his calm, and his overall demeanour were a mirror to that of MS Dhoni himself. The movie showcased the struggles and the personal journey of the cricketer, known as Captain Cool. MS Dhoni finishes off in style!


10. Gully Boy Click to look into! >> Read More... Gully Boy (2019)

It is a story of an underground rapper from the slums of Mumbai to the heights of fame. What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. While the plot itself is promising, Ranveer Singh's performance adds lustre to the already solid storyline. Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt is a trendsetting actress from Mumbai, >> Read More... Alia Bhatt , Kalki Koechlin Kalki Koechlin is a famous film actress, model and >> Read More... Kalki Koechlin , Siddharth Chaturvedi, and Vijay Verma Vijay Verma is an Indian actor who has quickly mad >> Read More... Vijay Verma in supporting roles were phenomenal. This movie truly gave a name to the underground rap scene in India.


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