Top 10 Indian Movies With The Best Vfx

Top 10 Indian Movies With The Best Vfx English Article

An essential component of a movie's visual appeal is the use of visual effects (VFX). While the technology hasn't been utilized in Indian films as much as it has in Hollywood, due to the extreme costs, there has been a noticeable growth in the usage of VFX in Indian films in recent years. The advancements in technology and increased budgets have enabled filmmakers to express their vision greatly. Today, we look at some Indian movies with the best VFX.

1. Baahubali: The Beginning & Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2015-2017)

The Baahubali movies were revolutionary for Indian cinema, both in terms of storytelling and the use of stunning VFX. Both movies are supported by robust VFX and broke many box-office records.  The high-budget historical movies had outstanding special effects. The makers employed more than 15 VFX studios to achieve the required great scale. The movies are near perfect, and the VFX will be talked about for years to come.


2. Fan (2016)

Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... Shah Rukh Khan played a double role in this 2016 film, one of a Bollywood superstar Aryan Khanna Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Aryan Khanna , and another of Aryan’s biggest fan, Gaurav. To achieve Gaurav’s look, heavy VFX was used in the movie. Special effects were used to change SRK’s face, and height, and make him look 25 years younger. The movie won the Best Special Effects awards at many award ceremonies.

3. Krrish Series (2003-2013)

The Krrish franchise is one of the most popular and successful franchises in the country. It has featured some of the best visual scenes in Bollywood. Koi Mil Gaya was a milestone for sci-fi in Bollywood. Krrish is one of the best superhero movies in Bollywood. Krrish 3 became one of the highest-grossing films at the time of its release and had some jaw-dropping VFX scenes. We have seen Krissh fighting on land, in water, and the air, all thanks to VFX.


4. Eega (2012)

S.S. Rajamouli made a terrific movie with a plot centered around a man who is reincarnated as a fly and tries to take revenge on his killer. The unique storyline made for a surprisingly entertaining film, which featured some of the best VFX use.  VFX is used for the better part of the film, and all the scenes involving the fly look completely realistic and were spot-on. The audiences like the film and it was a huge success at the box office.


5. Ra. One (2011)

One of the first Indian films to explore the wonders of VFX, Ra. One did a great job experimenting with special effects. It blended science fiction and action with the superhero genre.  Every frame of the movie is visually stunning and the scenes involving VFX look magnificent. Its VFX still holds up today. It received negative reviews due to a weak storyline but otherwise boasts of technical superiority.


6. Magadheera (2009)

S.S. Rajamouli comes once again on this list. His movies are always set in incredibly inventive scenarios. His films consistently captivate and capture the audience's interest. His 2009 film Magadheera involves huge sets and high use of VFX. A fantasy revenge drama, it features stunning cinematography and mind-blowing special effects. It remains one of the best films of Ram Charan’s career.


7. Dhoom 3 (2013)

Dhoom 3 saw Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... Aamir Khan in a double role. The explosive action thriller had amazing VFX and graphics. The movie’s action scenes and VFX were widely appreciated. Most of the action scenes, including high-speed bike chases, and others were created with the help of VFX. One scene saw Aamir run vertically from the top of a building. While the storyline was criticized, the VFX scenes were top-notch.


8. Robot (2010)

S. Shankar is known to use a ton of VFX in his movies. His film Robot too relied heavily on VFX use. The movie revolves around a life-like robot, who is programmed to experience human emotions, which proves catastrophic when he turns evil. The multiple VFX scenes include some jaw-dropping robotic animatronics and spectacular action scenes. While some action scenes are undeniably over the top, every scene looks completely real in the movie.


9. Shivaay (2016)

Directed by Ajay Devgn, Shivaay raised audiences’ expectations with its mesmerizing trailer. However, the audience was left disappointed with the actual movie. Still, the movie’s VFX deserves the viewers’ praise.This action thriller is worth a watch for its unbelievable action sequences, especially the avalanche scene. The overall product might be bad, but the VFX is much better than most Bollywood movies.  

10. Brahmastra: Part One - Shiva (2022)

The most anticipated film of the year, Brahmastra’s VFX looked phenomenal from its trailer. The wait proved worth it when the audience got to watch the movie. The movie contained some of the most extensive VFX use in Bollywood’s history. The most expensive Hindi film currently, Brahmastra is made on a budget of Rs 410 crores, and it shows in the final product. Ayan Mukherjee worked on the film for nine years, and the movie is an ambitious one.