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Dhoom 3 Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

Dhoom 3 is an action thriller movie with a full package. The trailer starts with a magician dad and a son. Then the entry of Mr. Perfectionist makes it even more exciting. He plays every shade of his role with smoothness, ease, and perfection. And the next moment we see flying bikes, helicopters, cracking bullets and action packed roads. Amir Khan has performed thrilling stunts with bikes as expected in a Dhoom series. Being a magician increases the intensity of the stunts. Abhishek bachchan, as usual, being a police officer try to catch the thief along with his partner Uday Chopra. As the story builds up Abhishek Bachchan, let Amir rob a bank to arrest him. The story goes according to the typical theme of Dhoom series.

Katrina hasn’t got any creditable scene in the trailer. Seems as Katrina has only worked in songs. She is seen flying all over and dancing as the movie proceeds. Jackie Shroff is suiting in the role of Amir's father. This film seems like the most emotional of the Dhoom series yet. Although the trailer is impressive but is not sufficient to reveal the story of the movie. As a whole Dhoom 3 will be fun.