Oscar Deserving Actors Of Hollywood

Oscar Deserving Actors Of Hollywood English Article

Robert Downey Jr.

It is never tiring when we get a chance to speak about his acting and versatility. When he gives his appearance, the whole place goes crazy. He’s an actor who has girl followers in plenty. His character in the movie ‘ The Avengers’ was brilliant. He made sure that he brought out the best from his role. It’s not easy to forget the Iron Man theories. Well, the Iron Man, who developed a new style, is now the father of an 18-year-old.

Leonardo DiCaprio

When we want to watch a romantic movie, and we are confused about which one to watch, there’s always ‘The Titanic’ to satisfy our love-based movie cravings. It gives us a heart-throbbing effect each time we watch it. His movie ‘ The Revenant' got him an Oscar. His fans are more enthusiastic and happy about Leo winning the Oscar. This proves the massive respect and love everyone has for him. Way to go, Leo!

Bradley Cooper

Comedy? Serious dramas? Well, Bradley Cooper is ready to give us both. His movies are always on simple stories, established in an extraordinary way. His comedy movie, ' The Hangover’, made us all experience a hearty laughter. On the other side, he gave us films like ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and ‘ The Sniper’, through which he introduced a serious dramatic based genre in his huge list of movies. He’s an actor who never fails to impress the audience.

Dwayne Johnson

He has another name, ‘Rock Johnson’. His movie series ‘Rock’ was well-received in the Hollywood industry. Power-packed action movies are always expected from him because he brings out the various faces of it and proves to be the best in all of it.

Tom Cruise

If you’ve watched ‘Mission: Impossible’, then there is no need to talk about Tom’s acting and passion towards it.He showed his best through that movie. He is always the most effortless actor on the screen. His missions are never impossible when it comes to acting.

Hugh Jackman

When you’ve chosen to become a Wolverine, do follow the footsteps of Hugh Jackman. His nature is to bring out the versatility in acting. He shows unexpected changes between different genres in different movies. His passion towards acting is prominent through his films.

Channing Tatum

We all know him as the Step-Up fame! But now, he’s up to a greater level of acting. He is of hard working nature and carries a perfect attitude. He seems to be our tomorrow’s fame!

Chris Pratt

He doesn’t stop just with acting. Chris Pratt makes sure he develops the best out of everything. He is a man of respect, gratitude, and humbleness. He’s more of a brave actor because he takes up any role regardless of whether or not it is likely to become a hit in the industry.

Tom Hanks

Hanks is definitely a spontaneous actor on screen. He gave the Hollywood film industry a perfect mixture of genres. The love for him stays the same all the time. 

Matt Damon

If you’re in a quiz, and they ask you about ‘ The Martian,’ the first thing that will ever strike you is ‘Matt Damon.’ He is an actor of powerful acting, and he still manages to strike a balance between his roles and performances in movies. His fame rose to a higher level due to his spontaneity in acting.