10 Best Assamese Movies That You Should Watch

10 Best Assamese Movies That You Should Watch Assamese Article

The Assamese film industry has come a long way since its first movie Joymoti released. Assamese cinema, also known as Jollywood, produces commercially successful and award-winning films at the national level. Young filmmakers in Assamese are putting hard work, time, energy, and money into bringing engaging content to their viewers. In recent years, Assamese movies have become far better, changing the scenario of Assamese cinema. Here we have curated the list of 10 of the best Assamese films you should not miss.

1. Village Rockstars

Village Rockstars is an award-winning film of Assamese cinema written and directed by Rima Das Rima Das is a multi-faceted woman based out Assam. >> Read More... Rima Das . The plot revolves around Dhunu, a 10-year-old girl who lives in poverty and wants to become a rock star. The film has Bhanita Das Bhanita Das is a child artist who has received a n >> Read More... Bhanita Das and Manabendra Das as the main cast and received the Swarna Kamal award for the best feature film.


2. Aamis

Aamis is an Assamese feature film starring debutantes Lima Das Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Lima Das and Arghadeep Baruah Arghadeep Baruah is an actor born on January 1, 19 >> Read More... Arghadeep Baruah as the main characters. The film follows a lonely married woman who develops a relationship with a younger man on their mutual interest. However, their relationship takes a dark turn as they become more adventurous. Written and directed by Bhaskar Hazarika Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Bhaskar Hazarika is one of the best Assamese movies.

3. Calendar

Calendar is an Assamese drama movie written and directed by Himjyoti Talukdar. The film features Moloya Goswami Moloya Goswami is an Indian actress who works in t >> Read More... Moloya Goswami , Arun Nath Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Arun Nath , Gunjan Bhardwaj Gunjan Bharadwaj is an actor based in Assam and ha >> Read More... Gunjan Bhardwaj , and Rimjhim Deka as the main characters. The film has become one of the most popular films in Assamese cinema and won several awards. The plot revolves around Hitesh and Manorama, a retired couple who live a quiet life in Assam. However, their life takes an unexpected turn when they discover a few circles on the calendar.


4. Kothanodi

Kothanodi is an Assamese fantasy horror film featuring , Adil Hussain Adil Hussain is a prominent Indian television, fi >> Read More... Adil Hussain , Urmila Mahanta Actress Urmila Mahanta made her debut on Bollywood >> Read More... Urmila Mahanta , and Zerifa Wahid Zerifa was born in the year 1979 in Lakhimpur, Ass >> Read More... Zerifa Wahid as the main characters. Written and directed by Bhaskar Hazarika, the film follows four traditional indigenous folktales from Assam. The film became commercially successful and won an award for the Best future film at National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards .


5. Alifa

Alifa is an Assamese drama film written and directed by Deep Choudhury Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Deep Choudhury and features Baharul Islam Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Baharul Islam , Jaya Seal Jaya Seal is a Indian actress who was born and bro >> Read More... Jaya Seal , and Pakija Hasmi as the main cast. The plot revolves around Alifa and her family trying to make a living after their farming land gets destroyed in the Brahmaputra River floods. The film highlights the simple questions of dreams, love, hatred, and infirmities of human nature.


6. Maj Rati Keteki

Maj Rati Keteki is an Assamese drama film starring Adil Hussain as the main character. Written and directed by , the film received praise for Hussain’s performance and direction. The film follows a renowned writer named Priyendu Hazarika, who comes back to the town from where he started his career.


7. Mon Jaai

Mon Jaai is among the 20 outstanding feature films of the nation, written and directed by Moirangthem Maniram. The plot revolves around four unemployed friends, Manab, Nayan, Tapan, and Akan. Nayan moves to a town looking for work, and the other three get arrested by police as a terrorist suspect. The film features Zubeen Garg Zubeen Garg or Zubeen Borthakur aka Goldie was bor >> Read More... Zubeen Garg , Pabitra Margherita, Gyanendra Pallab, and Nabadeep Borgohain as the main cast.


8. Local Kung Fu

Local Kung Fu is an Assamese comedy film written and directed by Kenny Deori Basumatary. The film follows Charlie, a young man with a delicate stomach. His girlfriend and madcap friends create a lot of commotion in his life. The film has Kenny Basumatary Kenny Basumatary is an admired, young Assamese dir >> Read More... Kenny Basumatary , Sangeeta Nair, Utkal Hazowary Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Utkal Hazowary , and Kabindra Dass as the main cast.


9. Ratnakar

Ratnakar is an action thriller Assamese movie featuring Bora and as the main characters. The plot revolves around Jayanta, whose daughter gets kidnaped by a man from his past. He must bring his daughter back home and become the man he used to be in his past. Directed by Jatin Bor, the film received a positive response from the audience at the box office.

10. Bulbul Can Sing

Bulbul Can Sing is an Assamese drama film written and directed by Rima Das. The film features Arnali Das Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Arnali Das , Banita Thakuriya, and Manoranjan Das as the main cast. It is a coming-of-age film that revolves around a young girl and her friends, finding their own identities and coming to terms with their sexual identities.


These are 10 of the best Assamese movies you can watch.