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Author: Rohit Bhattacharjee
Top 10 Folklore Assamese Films Assamese Article

Assam has an old history; the more you dive in, the more it will surprise you. All the films are based on Assamese folklore, and some people believe that the creatures mentioned in the stories are real and still exist. They believe all these urban legends are still alive in the new generation. Chinmoy Borma, a filmmaker, is the creator of most of these films and short films who takes great interest in this and is trying to explore more. Some of these are short stories that are not based on Assam’s Urban Legend but are inspired by them, and since they are not from some big production, most of these short films are left unnoticed. 

1. Kothanodi 

Kothanodi is an award-winning Assamese horror film released in the year 2015. The film is based on the book ‘Buri Ai R Xaadhu,’ a collection of Assamese folklore compiled by a famous Assamese author, Lakshminath Bezbaruah. The cinema comprises four stories where four women try to battle their demands. The film is filled with black magic and superstition; at the beginning of the film, the viewers might feel like the film is absurd, but at the end they will be astonished.  

2. Jokhini

The recently released film Jokhini is directed by Chinmoy Borma, and the film has gained a lot of love in a very short period. The film talks about neither the urban legend ‘Jokhini,’ a creature, nor a human being; she protects pregnant women from evil. It is shown in the film how the want of a boy child brings out the evil form of the father, who ends up killing his daughter. It is said that the history of ‘Jokhini’ can be found in Mahabharata as Abhimanyu’s daughter, but yet again, it's an Urban Legend, and no one knows to what extent it is true. 

3. Ghorapak

Ghorapak is another thrilling film by Chinmoy Borma, released in 2020. The film is based on the scariest creature of all time, ‘Ghorapak’ or ‘Baak,’ which means half human, half horse. It can be seen near the banks of rivers or ponds during the nighttime. The film revolves around one couple who tries to adjust to their lives and satisfy each other’s needs, but things go wrong when their needs take over them, and they choose to take the wrong path. The film ends with an open-ended ending where the creator has allowed the viewers to use their imagination. 


4. Bakor Putek 

It’s a film directed by Chandra Mudoi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Chandra Mudoi in the year 2012. It’s a horror thriller film full of superstitions of Assamese society and how it affects the ordinary people. It depicts how society's old, unethical beliefs ruin the married couple's life. It didn’t fail to show how culture and the upper class have been torturing deprived and innocent occasionally and how they successfully exploit the people in the end. The film mentions the creature ‘Baak.’ The film did not catch people’s eye, but it differs from other high-budget commercial films and is worth watching.


5. Baak

A short film based on another urban legend of Assam. ‘Baak’ is a very famous creature; it’s a male creature that lives in the water and troubles the fisherman. If you search history, you will find a number of stories that describe the ‘Baak’; the stories are exciting and horrifying. Some people from different places in Assam still believe that that creature still lives in the water. The film shows the famous late of ‘Baak,’ where two brothers go to catch fish, but the ‘Baak’ attacks one of the brothers. There are different versions of the same.


6. The Occupant

It’s a short film by Wide Angles Production. The 18-minute short film didn’t disappoint its viewers. With the beautiful cinematography, mesmerizing music, and a plot full of suspense, the viewers are already waiting for the next part of the short film. The short film is available on YouTube too. Make sure you keep it on your film list. 


7. Maaj Nixar Alohi

A short film by Rhino Films, the short film is only 9 minutes long. The film doesn’t talk about any specific Assamese Folklore. Still, it is another film you can try if you like to explore different regional films, and it is available on YouTube.


8. Konabidhi

Konabidhi is a 30-minute short film that was released in 2022. A film by Cine Works is known for its collection of horror short films. The plot is like any other horror film, full of superficial activities. Due to the time length, the film might feel a little boring but not disappointing. 


9. Kaal Xondhiya

Kaal xondhiya is yet another short film by Cine Works. The 12-minute film will keep you entertained throughout. It's available on YouTube, and along with that, you can check their other thriller and horror films. The film is not the best, but it keeps you engaged for 12-minute. 

10. Spriha 

Spriha is another Assamese short film starring a few local actors. The story revolves around a specific night when the boys experience supernatural events. The boys continue to goof around when an entity starts attacking them. The plot isn’t exciting, but good to explore the regional films. It’s available on YouTube.