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Rima Das is a multi-faceted woman based out Assam. She is from a remote village, Chayagaon in Assam located in North-East India. Rima is popularly known as one woman army as she is a producer, director of all her films.

Rima is very passionate about filmmaking, she started her career in Mumbai as an actor, but she failed at it due to the language issue. She has directed award-winning films by self-learning everything about direction and filmmaking.

Her special standard about directing makes her stand out and unique in her style. She has directed two movies till date and started the shoot for the third film. Another uniqueness is in her movies is that all the shoots are done in Assam depicting the village culture and showcasing the people and their mindset.

In an interview, she has stated that “Her movies are a tribute to the village and people of her place which shows Rima’s immense respect towards her hometown. She has done her debut as a director with the film “Man with the Binoculars: Antardrishti,” an award-winning Assamese flick starring Bishnu Kharghoria Bishnu Khargoria is an Indian actor who is well kn >> Read More... as the protagonist.

This movie is a heart-touching story about an old man who was passionate about traveling as he was a geography teacher and the story of the movie revolves around Binoculars gifted by his son. Antardrishti has won several awards, she was awarded “Best Screenplay” for Antardrishti at Pragcine Awards-Northeast. It was selected for Mumbai Film Festival-2016.

Her second movie “Village Rockstars,” created history in the film industry, winning several national and international awards. Rima deserves a huge appreciation for this film as she has done the entire project independently, self-funded the movie.

Village Rockstars is about a poor young girl helping her mother financially who dreams of buying a guitar. Rima has guided all the children as they are a novice to acting and handled screenplay and direction. Village Rockstars has bagged up many awards, and it got selected for prestigious “,”Toronto International Film Festival” and “Cannes International Film Festival". 

All this success is the result of Rima’s hard work and dedication towards her work. Rima likes to explore more on filmmaking, so she prefers to direct and produce films independently. In an interview, she gave a message to everyone that “Believe in yourself” and you can achieve all your dreams.


Born: 4 March 1922

Lived For 79 Years

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