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Top 10 Assamese Movies Known For Their Songs

Top 10 Assamese Movies Known For Their Songs Assamese Article

The Assamese film industry, also known as Jollywood, has given too many movies to cherish; nevertheless, we can say that it is not enough to give regard to their beautiful film. Recent years have been too good for this industry since they won several awards for their brilliant films. The Jollywood has been making some soothing and heartfelt songs from the start. Here are some of the most famous movies known for their music.

1. Dr. Bezbaruah (1969)

The lovely classic melody, Manuhe Manuhor Babe from the 1969 film Dr. Bezbaruah directed by Brajen Barua, is a soulful Assamese song by Bhupen Hazarika. Bhupen

2. Chameli Memsaab (1975)

The second one on our list is also the classic song, Bistirno Parore from the film Chameli Memsaab, directed by Abdul Majid, which is among the most well-known songs. This movie has some of the best star cast; George Baker as Berkeley, Binita Borgohain as Chameli, Abdul Majid as Monglu, Anil Chatterjee, and Tarun Kumar. The legendary Bhupen Hazarika sings it. The composition is a classic of Assamese music.

3. Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai (1987)

Before going towards modern-day melodies, let us dive into overwhelming classics of Assamese cinema, which is Bimurto Mur Nixati Jen, a memorable song from the 1987 Assamese classic Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai directed by Jahnu Barua. Bhupen Hazarika composed and sang this song, which is admired for its emotional solemnity and eerie melody. It is called one of Hazarika’s masterpieces due to its performance and lasting impact on people.

4. Firingoti (1992)

This 90s movie, directed by Jahnu Barua, has some evergreen songs and the most loved music from this movie is Buku Hom Hom Kore which stands out for its musical brilliance. Zubeen Garg sings the song. It is a lively and melodic track. The song Buku Hom Hom Kore Marou Roksarok became such a catchy toon with some severe power vocals that the listeners of Assamese music. If you are into Assamese music, then it is a staple.

5. Hiya Diya Niya (2000)

This romantic movie of the year 2000 has the best romantic hit songs still on people’s minds. Hiya Diya Niya, the soulful track from the movie Hiya Diya Niya (romantic drama) directed by Munin Barua, became a chartbuster. Zubeen Garg is again on this list since he gave his beautiful voice to this song. The heartfelt lyrics and singer’s vocals gave this song immense popularity, making it an enduring favorite among audiences and showcasing the musical brilliance of the Assamese music industry.

6. Barood (2004)

The song Nayak Hobo Khalnayak from the 2004 action film Barood, directed by Munin Barua, emerged as a youth anthem in Assam and a musical hit. Sung by talented Zubeen Garg. This song’s popularity was not only because of the action-packed theme of film but also to dynamic performance of Garg, solidifying its status as a youth-favorite track.

7. Rodor Sithi (2014)

The most famous song of the 2010s is Buku Jiriyo from the 2014 film Rodor Sithi, directed by Kenny Deori Basumatary, which is a standout track that resonated well with audiences. The vocals to song, which have an emotional tone and a soul-stirring melody, are sung by Papon, and we all know what magic Papon can do with his singing. The lyrics of this song are its best part, resonating with the true essence of the movie and connecting to the listeners as if it were for them.

8. Kothanodi (2015)

Mitha Mitha Gun Gun, a beautiful song from the 2015 film Kothanodi by Bhaskar Hazarika, is absolutely addictive and brilliant. It is sung by an artist named Anindita Paul. Her evocative vocals make for a deeply absorbing experience in its own right. This movie acquired the Best Feature Film award in Assamese at the 63rd National Film Awards. Bhaskar Hazarika is also the writer of this film described it as a dark and moody narrative of the female characters in the movie which finds familiarity in traditional Assamese folklores.

9. Village Rockstars (2017)

This movie was a critically acclaimed one. And the director of the cinema, Rima Das, sang in it. The most famous song in this movie is Tunu Tunu. The humming of this song is magical and shows Rima Das’s versatility. In 2018 Village Rockstars bagged Best Feature Film (Swarna Kamal) award at the 65th National Film Awards and three awards in other categories: Best Child Artist, Best Location Sound Recordist and Best Editing.

10. Xhoixobote Dhemalite (Rainbow Fields) (2018)

This movie won the best screenplay award at the Treasure Coast International Film Festival. It is also the first Assamese film commercially released in the US. Sony Music releases its album. Anurag Saikia, who won the National award, composed this album besides melodious voice of Zubeen Garg and talented singers like Nilotopal and Dipakshi turned it into an amazing piece of art. You will love the surreal and overwhelming experience while listening to this album.

These are some of the most famous music numbers from the Jollywood, one must listen both as a beginner to Assamese music and a lover of it. This list consisted of some staple classics and some recent numbers that are pretty known for their magical music experience. We cannot do justice to Assamese music until we mention Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, a genius that every Assamese is proud of. He has contributed a lot to the cinema industry of North-East India. He is a famous filmmaker, poet, actor, music composer, singer, and journalist. He is the most respected person and the legend that Assam has ever. Apart from being involved in the artistic industry, his popularity led him to represent Assamese people as an independent member in the legislative assembly in the late 60s and early 70s. He also established the first state-owned studio in Guwahati, Assam. Hence, our list contains some of the best works of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.