Top 10 Underappreciated Assamese Films That Should Be Seen More Often

Top 10 Underappreciated Assamese Films That Should Be Seen More Often Assamese Article

The Assamese film industry has been around for a long time. It has been responsible for producing several high-quality movies that are only occasionally acknowledged outside of the state of Assam. These are just a few of the many underrated Assamese movies that you should check out. There are plenty more. Studying the films that the Assamese film industry has created is worthwhile because the business is now booming and has a long history. The history of Assamese cinema dates back several decades, and the country's film industry has been responsible for the creation of several high-quality movies that are only locally acclaimed. Below is a list of eleven lesser-known Assamese movies that need greater attention and should be seen more frequently:

1. Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai

Most people agree that this film, which Jahnu Barua Jahnu Barua, an Assamese Filmmaker, born on 17 Oct >> Read More... Jahnu Barua directed, is one of the most important in the history of Assamese cinema. It tells the story of a farmer having trouble making ends meet and ultimately having no choice but to sell his ox. The movie delves into impoverishment, social stratification, and the fight for one's life.


2. Chamelee Memsaab

This film, directed by Abdul Majid Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Abdul Majid , is a love story set against the backdrop of Assam's tea fields, based on a short story by journalist and writer Nirode Choudhary. The film delves into subjects like love, caste, and tradition. Abdul Majid directed Chameli Memsaab, a 1975 Indian Assamese love drama film. This movie shows a love story between a British tea plantation owner and a native tea garden worker set on a tea farm in Assam. The leads were George Baker Indian actor George Baker was born on 28 October 1 >> Read More... George Baker and Binita Borgohain.

3. Xhoixobote Dhemalite

Bidyut Kotoky's film examines how the Assam agitation affected everyday people's lives in the 1980s. The video emphasizes the suffering children caught up in the conflict go through. On a soul-searching journey back to his hometown, a famous film director is forced to confront the unresolved remnants of a horrible childhood accident after learning of his boyhood friend's death before he loses his final chance for forgiveness and closure.


4. Adajya

Santwana Bardoloi's film highlights women's exploitation and empowerment. Santwana Bardoloi's 1996 Assamese play Adajya is based on Indira Goswami's novel Dontal Haatir Uiye Khowa Haoda. International film festivals screened the film. Three widows struggle to live decently against law and society. The arrival of a young American scholar, a fatal snakebite, and the theft of ancestral valuables bring the young and lovely widow Giribala's situation to a terrible end.


5. Jetuka Pator Dore

This film, directed by Jadumoni Dutta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Jadumoni Dutta , emphasizes the value of family and the necessity for forgiveness. Radha, an orphan who grew up with her childhood buddy Rajat, chooses to speak out against the mistreatment of Jamuna Hazarika, the affluent village chief. The plot is set in an inner hamlet of Assam, India, in the 1970s, which has never experienced growth or prosperity and depicts the narrative of Radha, a lower caste woman struggling against corruption and for the rights of her people.


6. Baandhon

This film, directed by Jahnu Barua, examines the bond between a grandpa and his granddaughter. The video emphasizes the value of family, tradition, and the necessity for forgiveness. Dandeswar and Hkawni, a 73-year-old couple, come to Mumbai for their grandson, Pona, who goes missing unexpectedly following the 26/11 terror assault.


7. Kothanodi

This movie is an adaptation of four traditional folk tales from Assam, directed by Bhaskar Hazarika Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Bhaskar Hazarika . The story focuses on love, betrayal, and redemption throughout its narrative. Four traditional Assamese tales have been retold in the form of a single record about four mothers, each of whom is battling her demons.


8. Bokul

Raktim, thirty, returns to his hometown to attend his sister's wedding and is stunned by the changes that have occurred during his five-year absence. He also discovers that his former music teacher has gone missing and embarks on a quest for him. Throughout his journey, he meets three people: an elderly lonely fisherman who spends his last days remembering his only son, a teenage rickshaw-puller who heroically battles communal prejudice to provide for his family, and a single mother who owns her own business. Each of these persons, by coincidence, is named Bokul, and Raktim relates their unique adventures in the tale, which brings him to the final truth.


9. Ronuwa: Who Will Never Surrender

Makon's life lessons are her foundation, and life taught her everything. Her children are her world. Despite family obligations, they send their kids to the government school. Parental expectations are higher. Due to familial poverty, Makon quit school. Her goal is to educate her children. One monsoon storm floods Guwahati. A heavy downpour dragged his son into a manhole, and he died. Makon's death shook his family; their dreams perished and crumbled. Makon's family survived three. Yet, depression makes survival hard. They believed "Work is Worship."

10. Othello

Othello is a 2014 drama film in the Assamese language produced by Manabendra Adhikary Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Manabendra Adhikary and directed by Hemanta Kumar Das Hemanta Kumar Das is a talented director. He was b >> Read More... Hemanta Kumar Das under the banner of Artha Productions. Arup Baishya The land of Assam is known for its rich culture an >> Read More... Arup Baishya and Jupitora Bhuyan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Jupitora Bhuyan are the main actors in the movie. A rickshaw driver named Mun picks up Bankim Bhatta, a 72-year-old former revolutionary with Alzheimer's, and drives him to the police station. The two runs into Tina, Bankim's tenant, and are escorted to the police station. Tina and Mun become fast friends, and Tina starts to meet her clients in Mun's rickshaw. What will happen to their relationship will be revealed in the tale.