Top 10 Scariest Indian Horror Movies

Top 10 Scariest Indian Horror Movies Assamese Article

Horror movies are always the favorite genre for everyone. But it can be challenging to work through the illimitable selection of horror movies to find one that is both terrorizing and captivating. Here are the top 10 scariest horror movies you will encounter in the Indian language. They will give you Goosebumps and scare you so much that you will be terrified. These movies are a combination of twist, gore, and terror.

1. Tumbbad

This movie is one of the best Hindi horror movies. Rahi Anil Barve Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rahi Anil Barve directed Tumbbad, which revolves around Gods, greed, and cruor. The storyline is all about the repercussion that three generations of a family had to face when they built a temple for the firstborn of a goddess. Their greed leads to their destruction.


2. Aamis

Aamis is an unusual splendid Assamese language film. The story takes place in Guwahati, Assam, where Sumon, a young Ph.D. student studying eating customs in the Northeast, meets Nirmali, a lonely married doctor. They gradually come together through their shared love for meat and passion for cuisine. As they spend more time together, their connection unexpectedly changes, and they find themselves in a morally grey and dark scenario. Streaming on Sonyliv and Airtel Xstream, this movie received great appreciation.

3. BhoothaKaalam

Rahul Sadasivan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rahul Sadasivan directed Bhoothakaalam, a Malayalam language intriguing psychological thriller movie. The plot centers around a widow, her son, and her bedridden mother. The dreaded twist is that the son begins to believe that evil forces are haunting them after the death of his grandmother. Vinu was experiencing mental confusion after the departure of his grandmother when he first heard noises coming from one of the rooms in their house. What we observe in Bhoothakaalam is the cause of those noises and responses given by Vinu to everything.


4. Maya

Released in 2015, Maya is a Tamil horror movie laced with suspense. The film revolves around Apsara, a struggling actress who struggles to manage her kid as a single mother and subsist—being separated from her husband and having debts she must settle. She takes a life-changing decision. If a horror film fails to frighten the audience, it immensely disappoints them. On the other side, Maya did not disappoint and hails as one of the best horror films produced in Tamil.


5. 13 B

In 2009, the Hindi language psychological horror movie 13 B came out. The film 13B portrays a middle-class man, Manohar, who moves into his new flat, 13B, with his family. He experiences unusual happenings around him. The lift in the building operates for everyone other than him and his family. Surprisingly, a soap opera was being telecasted exclusively on the TV in his house, which showed happenings in his family. They gradually learn that the place has a sinister past and a spectral presence.


6. The House Next Door

This film, greatly loved by people, was simultaneously in three languages Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. A neurosurgeon and his wife, a recently married couple, move into another area and before long understand that the house next door inhabiting a little girl and her mother haunts. Albeit hesitant to trust the accounts of supernatural elements, the doctor resorts to exorcism after close encounters with the possessed.


7. Ezra

Ezra is a thrill ride, captivating, blood, and gore movie, which follows the tale of a married couple and how their life flips around when an undesirable element stinks dreadfully in their home because of an old-fashioned box. It subsequently uncovers that the container contained the underhanded soul of Abraham Ezra. Ezra is a solid horror movie that stands out for its original plots and intense scares. Fans of horror movies and supernatural thrillers should watch such a fantastic film. It is worth the watch.


8. Kanchana

The movie has an enthralling and fascinating storyline. A man possessed by the ghost of a transgender woman seeks retribution for people who mistreated her. His mom counsels an exorcist who uncovers a shocking story of cultural shamefulness, murder, and vengeance. The movie received a positive response from viewers and became a success. It received plaudits for its skillful blending of horror and humor.


9. Eeram

This Tamil film, directed by Ariavazhagan Venkatachalam, portrays the ghost of a deceased woman who seeks retribution and holds each of them accountable for the dishonest scheme that caused her death. The character of Aadhi, Vasu, is a suave cop looking into the mysterious and bizarre murder of his ex-girlfriend Ramya. Bala, the husband of Ramya, and a few of her neighbors come under suspicion. But more killings that occur in the units add to the intrigue. How they carry out the murder adds to the confusion and excitement of the story.

10. Lapachhapi

A unique blend of horror and social drama, Lapachhapi is an eerie story of a young couple moving into a house in a sugarcane field. But the area is full of old secrets that start coming to light and endanger the mother and her unborn child. The best aspect of this film is how it incorporates Indian culture with all the horror cliches while maintaining a perfect escalation. The spooky, eerie suspense does not let up, wrapping coils around you until you are too scared to even gaze at the screen.