Krishna Kumari was a leading actress in Telugu cinema during the 50s’ and 60’s. In Telugu film, she was considered to be another Savitri (star of Tamil cinema) for having the ability to portray her character in a competent manner. This actress was born in West Bengal in 1933. She is the younger sister of another actress Sowkar Janki, who had earned name and reputation in both Tamil and Telugu films. Being the leading actress in the era of black and white cinema, she has always paired opposite veteran and legendary actors such as NTR and ANR, etc. 

Fortunately, most of her films were a run-way hit in box office. After her success in Telugu films, she tried to accept films in other regional languages too such as Tamil and Kannada ever. She appeared in the mythological film opposite Dr. Rajkumar and entertained the audiences. After her marriage, she gracefully quit her stardom and got disappeared from movies. She is married to Ajay Mohan and has a girl named Dipika. 

Her husband was the founder of Screen magazine and editor of Indian Express. Her best film with ANR was’ Bharya Barthalu’. This actress was an embodiment of beauty. She had perfect facial features, so she was selected for a role in films when she was just struggling to get a role in the film’ Navvithe Navaratnalu’(1951). Since a film chance had knocked her doorstep, she accepted the offer and went to write a history of Telugu, Kannada and Tamil cinema. Being born in West Bengal, she had her early education in Bengal, Assam and even in Rajahmundry. 

She never behaved like a superstar and had put her co-artistes at ease while shooting any scene. She was seen in a Hindi film’ Kabhi Andhera Kabhi Ujala’ (1958) in which she had played the role of Kishore Kumar’s sister. This actress became very active in the 60s and was seen appearing in South Indian films with other artists such as Jamuna, Padmini and Vyjayanthimala. She became the number one female lead actress of the period( 1953-65) in Telugu films. Away from arc lights, she now spends her time in cooking and gardening activities in her home in Bengaluru.