Plot Veerabali- nbsp the rebel is an action film about Rishi who takes revenge on his father rsquo s death Bhupathi does not want his son Rishi to take to vi

Veerabali - The Rebel Movie Review

Veerabali - The Rebel Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Veerabali - The Rebel"
Runtime: 2 Hours 56 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 11-12-2015
Genre: Action, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Plot: Veerabali- the rebel is an action film about Rishi, who takes revenge on his father’s death. Bhupathi does not want his son Rishi to take to violence like him and wants him to have a different life. Rishi goes to Bangalore where he meets Deepali and brings her home to convince his father that he was not into violence. Things take a turn when Bhupathi’s brother and Simhadri kill Bhupathi, his wife, and Deepali. Simahdri also tells Rishi that a local goon was a part of the plan to kill his father.

Rishi now decides to take revenge and gets along with Bhupathi’s bodyguards including Raju for this purpose. Stephen and Robert are two very powerful underworld dons. Rishi doubts that Robert is his uncle. Also, Nanu is the assistant to both of them. He falls in love with Nanu’s daughter, Nandini. When Nanu shows Nandini the pictures of Stephen and Robert, she too exposes them to Rishi, which confirms his doubt about Robert. Rishi tells Raju to take Nandini away safely while he tortures Nanu to help him get Stephen and Robert into a trap. However, the two fool Rishi. What follows is whether Rishi will, at last, be able to take revenge from the two for his parent’s death or not and especially after falling into the trap, how far will be able to successful at his mission.

Analysis: The film has a very simple story but then it is also very predictable. It is no different from most movies. Raghava Lawrence is the story writer as well as the director of the film. It is possible that he could do better in both cases. A lot of the film looks similar to his previous ones.

Cinematography by C Ram Prasad is pretty decent. The music also by Lawrence is too not so great and just satisfactory. The action scenes are well choreographed. The film is aslo has certain scenes which have no role in furtherance of the story. The film lacks the use of proper and attractive dialogues as well.

Star Performances: The movie stars Prabhas in the lead as Rishi and Tamannaah Bhatia as Nandini. Both perform very well in their respective roles. Apart from the acting, Prabhas also wonderfully showcases his skill in the action sequences. In the very film itself, he has a very contrasting character ranging from the kind-hearted man to a lover and lastly as a brutal gangster. He does each part very well. It also seems like the story was not apt for his excellence as an artist and the director could possibly bring out more from him.

Watching Tamannah Bhatia is amazing for the way she portrays her role as Nandini and also for her excellent dancing talent. Her work is very appreciable. It can be said that it is Prabhas and Tamannah who make the film work with their talent and skill. Even Deeksha Seth as Deepali does a pretty good job especially with her ease on screen though she has a very insignificant part. Mukesh Rishi as Bhupathi’s brother and Robert and Pradeep Rawat as Simhadri are also good enough while Brahmanandam as Raju is very disappointing. Other supporting actors like Krishnam Raju as Bhupathi also do a satisfactory job.

What’s there? Prabhas and Tamannaah are worth watching. They do their best in the film. It has stunning action sequences which are not only choreographed well but also executed perfectly.

What’s not there? The movie does not have anything great to offer especially in matters of the story which is very similar to most movies. The dialogue writing is very poor.

Verdict: The film is not anything great but just another typical movie with a lot of comedy. It is satisfactory for a watch.