Bhuvana Chandra Telugu Actor
Other Skills
    - Lyricist

Bhuvana Chandra is the renowned Indian Lyricist in the Telugu cinema. Before entering into the Telugu cinema as a lyricist, he served in the Indian Air Force for 18 years. In fact, he has penned more than 2000 songs for the Telugu films that include films of popular actors like Chiranjeevi, Pavan Kalyan, and others. Apart from the songs, he had written more than 100 stories, novel, and articles for different magazines. Moreover, he had judged many reality shows. In addition to he acted in Welcome Obama Click to look into! >> Read More... Welcome Obama directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao.

This famous lyricist was born on 17 August 1949 in Gullapudi, Krishna District- Andra Pradesh. In his childhood days, he loved to read books. Even more, he had learned typing and shorthand and taught students for a living. Bhuvana went with his friend for the Air force selections and had selected in the Indian Air force. In fact, he participated in the Indo-Pak war of 1971 and received 4 medals. He took voluntary retirement from the Air force to work on his passion for writing. He got married to Sesha Samrajya Lakshmi.

However, it is surprising to know about the writing journey of Bhuvana Chandra. With the help of Tennti Hemalatha, he was able to meet the film directors Jandhyala and Relangi Narasimha Rao Relangi Narasimha Rao, an Indian director and a sc >> Read More... Relangi Narasimha Rao . With the help, another friend Bhuvana Prasad met another renowned filmmaker Vijaya Bapineedu Vijaya Bapineedu is a South Indian magazine editor >> Read More... Vijaya Bapineedu . However, he challenged Bhuvana to write the lyrics for a certain situation.

Then Bhuvana successfully completed the lyrics to impress the director. From here, he had started his journey as a lyricist and debut with Vijaya Bapineedu film Naku Pellam Kavali. Later on, he had written all the song for Vijaya Bapineedu film Maa Inti Maharaju. After that, he had written three songs for the movie Khiladi 786 with this he got good recognition. Moreover, Guvva Gorinkatho from Khiladi 786 was a big hit. In addition, he had good fame from the songs of the blockbuster movie Gang Leader Click to look into! >> Read More... Gang Leader . Bhuvana Prasad wrote lyrics for the following Telugu movies: He got awards from different organizations Kala Sagar Award, Vamsee Award, Kovvali Centenary Award, Samudrala Award, and Vanguri Foundation Award.