Dr. C.Narayana Reddy was considered on July 29th, 1931 at Hanumajipeta, a remote town in within Karimnagar district. He did his Master's and Ph.D. in Telugu composing from Osmania University. He worked in Osmania University as an instructor and finished high positions and earned many respects. It could stun to find that Dr.CNR considered in Urdu medium till his graduation. Dr.CNR is the fundamental Telugu person who has gotten Gyanpeeth, allow other than Sri VishwanadhaSathyanarayana. He was assigned to the Rajya Sabha later.

Understudies of Dr.CNR are habitually heard reviewing his grip over the tongue, especially his verse scrutinizing sessions. It was in the year 1962, the motion picture was "Gulebaavali Katha". NataratnaDr.NTR asked for this extraordinary identity to compose a melody for that film, and C.NarayanaReddy Garu went into our dearest Tollywood with the tune "Nannudochukunduvate...vanneladorasani", the tune turned into a moment hit and offers from makers thumped his entryway regularly. His tunes ended up being mainstream to the indicate that people utilized race to theaters just to hear his magnificent tunes.

Cinare proceeded with his triumphant streak in Tollywood with movies like Bobbiliyuddam,chaduvukunnaammayilu, paramanandayyashishyulakatha,pujaphalam, Atmabanduvu, chikkadudorakadu, Alluri Sitaramaraju, Lakshmi kataaksham, badipantulu, pandantikapuram, chanakyachandragupta , shivaranjani, and so on to contemporary motion pictures like atta nee kodukujagratta . Cinare additionally composed exchanges for the film "Ekavira". Cinare has made a few tunes for some Telugu movies, disregarding the way that in the sum he has formed fewer tunes than various other filmi lyricists, his tunes are astoundingly pervasive. It was heard in a meeting that he wants to compose a couple of good melodies than numerous modest tunes.

subsequently, he likes to compose just for a couple choosed motion pictures instead of an entire bundle. We regularly hear and see individuals heading off to the theaters for saints, courageous women, executives, pennants and so forth, however, what number of lyricists are sufficiently blessed to discover that individuals come to motion pictures to hear their verses - C.Narayana Reddy is the main individual to have this uncommon refinement. Idlebrain.com salutes this extraordinary identity for his remarkable commitment to Telugu writing and Telugu Cinema.He wound up noticeably referred to a wide open as a lyricist for a few celebrated Telugu movies. He has composed more than 3000 melodies and added to the accomplishment of numerous films.