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Telugu Comedian ( 0 - 12 )

Venu Yeldandi

Tripuraneni Chitti

Relangi Venkatramaiah

Meesam Suresh

Mahaboob Basha

Appurv Gupta


Cinema Is Full Of Emotions

Cinema Is Full Of Emotions. The Toughest, But Lightest Emotion To Bring To An Audience Is Laughter. Laughter Is The Best Medicine, And People Who Can Make You Laugh Hard Are Very Rare. Comedians Are Those, Who Entertain The Audience By Telling Jokes, Acting Foolish, Citing Amusing Situations And Observations. This Comedy Is Either Delivered Directly Or Through Various Media. Stand-Up Comedian Addresses An Audience Through Direct Communication.

Other Practices Include The Sitcom And Sketch Comedy. Comedy And Comedians Are An Integral Part Of Cinema. Non-Offensive Humor Has Always Been For The Entertainment Sectors. Comedians Make Sure To Make You Laugh Even By Sometimes Making Themselves Look Foolish. Comedians And Their Brilliant Acting Along With Their Priceless Expressions Are The Reasons That Most Of The People Prefer Watching Comedy Movies. Many Comedians Are Out There, Who Make Sure To Lighten Your Mood No Matter What. Their Witty Jokes And Comments Are Everything They Have, But With That, They Have Won All The Hearts.

If You Observe, Comedians Are Underrated, But Their Contribution To The One Whole Genre Of The Industry Is Incomparable.