Shamitha Tamil Actress

Shamitha is an Indian film and TV actress known for her homely roles is Tamil TV series. Shamitha's big screen debut was the hit 2001 movie Pandavar Bhoomi directed by Cheeran.

After successfully debuting on big screen with a hit movie, Shamitha caught attention of few film makers and started acting in more movies. However, she could not replicate the success of Pandavar Bhoomi and shifted quickly to Tamil television.

In 2009, she married her co-star Sree, son of famed music director Shankar Ganesh.

Shamitha is known for her portrayal of homely characters in Tamil series, the actress has repeatedly told the media that she prefers small screen as it feels like a regular 9 to 5 job for her. She asserted later, that she always wanted to portray negative roles but could not land such roles in her career.

Shamitha is not seen in TV serials after her marriage.