Alex Raj Antony is a Tamil movie editor. He was born on 17th May 1991. He made his editorial impact in the film industry through his first movie, “9 Thirudargal" which was also a debuted directorial venture of Vijay Paramasivam. The film did not gain any recognition regarding its subject, theme, screenplay or event acting. Hence, Alex Raj Antony could not climb the success that he needed in his first project itself.  

First, the movie has nothing because there is no big name (stars) for the movie. Second, it has no good story. But even then one cannot ignore totally the knowledge of Alex Raj Antony as film editing is the art and execution of combining scenes to a correct order.

The work of Alex was not only to automatically put parts of a film together but also to cut off film slates and edit dialogue shots and take a close watch on the layers of images, story, music, and dialogues. The film had the story bent on yesteryear's logic how someone discloses his wealth to the not-so-loyal manager on death bed, Hence, the editor Alex Raj Antony had at certain patches of the movie did try to edit the prime characters of Nizhalgal Ravi, Y G Mahendran, and Singam Puli that brought some solace to the film.

The film did not offer any scope but to edit the important characters with some positive meaning. If the film maintained some space, time, and information about each sub-plots in the movie, the film could have really shaped well.

By watching the film ''9 Thirudargal", he was able to grasp few ideas to create drama, but as he began to separate the various characters, the editor failed in his task. However, we anticipate some good works from Alex Raj Antony in his future projects.

Everyone in this profession meets with success and failures, but then a true recognition comes from a successful film only. Hence, we do hope Alex Raj Antony will get a really successful project in his hand very soon.