Uday Chandra is an Indian on-screen character, known for 1942: A Love Story (1994), Kaun Kare Kurbanie (1991) and Bawdi (2012). Utilized the name Dhruv in his first film. Was associated with Shabana Azmi in the mid '70s. Prepared traditional artist and theater on-screen character. A large number of his singing recordings are on you tube. Was associated with Deepti Naval. He is more fortified than down to the business, makes him bolder inside. Occasionally, he doesn't report cry on little issues.

He is a person with a solid will. He wishes to achieve something in every case clear in life that will attract him to meet new individuals, visit new places, help him satisfy his imaginative needs, and urge him to be better at it. Vitality and fun are dependably on a degree on the off chance that one is made courses of action to push toward observing the chance to be affected in the showbiz. In like way, it is stunning not to get ludicrously worried in work as it will impact the presentation on set. A quiet and incorporated entertainer appeared to stimulate during a large portion of his grandstands. He rouses the adolescent to move towards media outlets.