Pradeesh Raj Tamil Actor
Other Skills

Pradeesh Raj has played the role of one of the victims who was arrested and taken into the custody by the police. He has brought out the emotions and pain, recreating the actual incidents. He really enacted his role to have a great impact on the audience of Kollywood. Unfortunately, Pradeesh was taken into police custody not just on the screen but in real after two days of the release of this movie. He was free within a few minutes after the inquiry, since he was taken to the station under suspicion without actual knowledge of his identity as he seemed guilty for no reason, standing near a shop in Kotturpuram. It was then he planned to watch the film with his fellow mates on screen and later, after his inquiry, he revealed his identity to the police. It was an utter misunderstanding.

He stated that unlike the film the police officers treated him with respect and dignity and due to certain facts, the whole community is to be blamed by the society. Pradeesh plays an important role in the action crime thriller that has been released in 2016. In the beginning, he was frightened whether this kind of stream would be accepted by the people, but later on, its huge success took the movie to the Oscars. This was his very first movie and has given his best. He was so in love with the script that he really wanted to play one of the lead roles and prove his skill. He had done his schooling in The Ashram School and managed to be a hit in the late Rajnikanth’s troop, where he developed the passion and love for cinema.

Later, he did his Aerospace Engineering in SRM University but never lost his passion for acting. Eventually, he ended up in Kollywood making his debut in ‘ Visaranai Click to look into! >> Read More... Visaranai ’ in 2016. He then joined the Institute run by Balu Mahendra Sir for action behind the screens. He loved his time working with Balu Mahendra Sir, a leading director in Kollywood. Balu Mehendra Sir passed away in 2016. He like an orphan when Balu sir had passed away and almost left hope in choosing his passion as his career. Fortunately, Vetrimaran volunteered and took up the responsibility and chose him as one of the leads in his film. He was completely touched by this script and his experience in his very first film has made many memories in his life.