Visaranai which is a production venture of Grassroots Film Company of Vetrimaaran and Wunderbar Films of Dhanush has hit the screens after much anticipation

Visaranai Aka Visaaranai Movie Review

Visaranai Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Visaranai"
Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-02-2016
Genre: Thriller
4.25 / 5.0

Visaranai, which is a production venture of Grassroots Film Company of Vetrimaaran and Wunderbar Films of Dhanush, has hit the screens after much anticipation. Let’s see whether this film emerges a winner. 


Attakathi Dinesh is employed in a grocery shop in Guntur and resides in a park with his buddies. Dinesh falls flat for Anandhi, who works as a maid in a cop’s house. But as fate would have it, Dinesh, along with his friends, is arrested by the police, for no mistake that they committed. And the torture that they undergo in the police station forms the rest of the story. 

Star Performances

Attakatthi Dinesh along with Aadukalam Murugadoss get into the skin of their characters as helpless victims. Samuthirakani has done a commendable job with his character as a cop, which is crafted in a seamless manner. Kishore enacts his character of an auditor with utmost ease. Ramdoss is equally good. Ajay Ghosh is intimidating as the inspector while Anandhi, though in a minimal role, has done what is required of her. Every other actor in the film, though appear briefly, don’t go unnoticed.


Vetrimaaran had earlier directed the much acclaimed Polladhavan and Aadukalam. And now he has come out with his third directorial endeavor Visaranai. It is no exaggeration to tell that this is the most impactful films of late. How the present system takes a toll on innocent people is told in a hard-hitting manner in this film. The brutalities of the police, rich, and the politicians, who escape unpunished for all their wrongdoings, is told in a convincing manner in the film. 

The main essence of Visaranai is adapted from Lock Up, a novel by M  Chandra Kumar. The novel was inspired by a real life happening. Nevertheless, Vetrimaaran, the director of the movie, has seen to it that an intriguing subplot is added to the film. Vetrimaaran should be applauded for questioning the efficiency of the government. And he has already achieved it since the film has fetched several International awards that fall in Human Rights Category. 

What’s there?

  • The screenplay, penned by Vetrimaaran, is one of the major strengths of the film. 
  • The BGM of G V Prakash complements well with the tempo of the movie. 
  • The cinematography of S Ramalingam is outstanding. It brings before your eyes the very essence of the movie in a perfect manner. 
  • Editing by Kishore T E is perfect.
  • The violent sequences are very realistic. Black and White is used in the scenes involving blood so that the impact is not awful. 
  • The dialogues are effective. 
  • The movie doesn’t traverse on the unpleasant path of being preachy. 

What’s not there?

The torture meted out to the innocent people will send waves of fear to some audience. 


The movie may not go well with some audience but still it should be appreciated for the passion with which the director delivered it. And yes, the result is also good.