Sureshbabu Mane

Other names of Sureshbabu Mane: Abdul Rehman Khan
Sureshbabu Mane Tamil Actor
  • DOB : 1902
  • Date of death: 15-02-1953

Suresh Babu Mane hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was born in the year 1902, February-15. He was born to Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and Tharabai Manne. His father was a court musician in Baroda. When his father was young, he used to learn music to his mother, Tharabhai. Later on, the two got attracted and decided to get married. But Tharabhai's parents were against her they don’t want their daughter to get engaged to him because of their social order. Without any other choice the couple, at last, left Baroda and moved to Mumbai. Then they had two sons and three daughters. Suresh Babu Mane was one among them. Right from his childhood, he used to sing and tune some songs. His father was his first Guru who made him learn how to sing.

As days passed, he became an outstanding Hindustani Classical musician. He had an interest in playing instruments like Tabla and Harmonium. Suresh was proficient in singing Khyal, Thumri, Marathi, Natya Sangeet, and Bhajan. A few of his recordings are available on certain websites and market. He’s an expert in Thumri singing. Many singers will always try to put their greatest efforts to imitate him which is highly impossible. He stood as a role model to many people. Afar from singing, he has also acted in many Marathi plays and several movies. Though he’s not a capable actor, he had acted in few stage plays. After that, he became a fantastic actor too. When his younger sister started a theatrical company, he took the initiative and acted in that too.

He acted in many other movies like Amrit Manthan Amrit Manthan is an epic and strange story which i >> Read More... Amrit Manthan in the year 1934, Chandrasena in the year 1935, Rajput Ramani in the year 1936. Besides, singing and acting, he has also composed music for a few movies like Devayani, Such hai. He is the one who had great talent in singing as well as in acting too. Only a few people will have such a talent. Hirabai Badodekhar, Dr. Prabha Atre, renowned in the music industry are his beloved disciples. He died on 15 February 1953 in Pune, Mumbai. At that time his age was just 51, the country had lost one of the greatest singers, music director, and actor. Every year on 15 February, an annual music festival is held in Mumbai, it started with one of his disciples Dr. Prabha Atre in the year 1992. And that would be a standout music event every year throughout the country.