In one meaningful line, S.N. Rajarajan can be considered as a distributor of Baahubali 2, Ennai Nokki Paayum Thotta and Power Paandi and also the producer of Rana Daggubati's Madai Thirandhu. But then he also handles his ‘K-Productions’ company that makes and even distributes his film. In the year 2015, he co-produced a Tamil movie 'Savaale Samaali; which he co-produced with C. Arunpandian and Kavitha Pandian and it was directed by Sathyasiva.

One must admit that the movie business might look pretty glamorous. But according to this celebrity Rajarajan, there’s indeed a truth that much money is to be made in this industry as the economics of filmmaking is far from easy.He has his principle to take the film business in a right way and for that, he feels – one has to be 'honest and loyal' to the business of filmmaking.

Today’s audience demands different genres of films and Rajarajan hopes he will tap this resources in his next projects. Currently, Rajarajan has seven or eight scripts in hand. He thinks that a film has to be different at the script level. He listens to the script and has maintained a youth team for this. He does not listen to any script directly but the script is forwarded to him after reviewing by team members.

This producer wants to take the technology concept of movies in a forward direction which is necessary in modern times. He feels that Tamil cinema must evolve from rom-com love story pattern and feels a director should have the right understanding of the visual quality and be a micromanager of everything (in shooting spot). Although, Rajarajan thinks the film industry is in right hands but knowledgeable people too can show the cinema medium a right direction. This producer hopes to make a film with Rajinikanth.

With new technologies and ever-changing film production resources, Rajarajan always hopes that technology, youth talents are beyond valuable for staying on top. He is of the opinion that one cannot neglect the youth’s talent in the film business.  

This film distributor and producer belongs to a middle-class family. He had a general kind of schooling and college studies too. He was a dropout engineering student and found his role as a film distribution from his father’s ideology.

According to him, a producer should be a good distributor too. Every producer should know every nuance of the film distribution process and then only one can understand the loss and profit making. Profits are being considered and there is even shares and commission in the film distribution process.

The banner and a distribution company should be established in the real film business. He had once told media friends that producers are not actors that they can rely on their power. He thinks that the film industry is in right hands. He is a fan of Mani Ratnam and actor Dhanush too. Does anybody know Rana Daggubati is his best friend?

Madai Thirandhu, titled 1945 in Telugu is an upcoming Indian Telugu-Tamil bilingual period film which the producer is looking forward and then there is a film with Vijay Sethupathi that is to be directed by S. U. Arun Kumar and the project is to be bankrolled by S.N.Rajarajan of K Productions.

We only hope that his K-production company will never meet with a loss as once a movie is released. There are some rules of thumb as to how much the producers will make back, and all such rules are really followed by this young talented face S.N. Rajarajan, who has debuted as a film producer after finding distribution is a bit profitable for several years.


Vijayaraghavendra is a film producer. He mainly works with the Tamil Film Industry. He was born in India. He has the Indian Nationality. His full name is Vijayaraghavendra Thirumalai. He is the producer of Film Masala Padam in the year 2015. Its critic score is 4.7. He did three movies until now. These include as Masala Padam, Avale Nanna Gelathi and Ganesha Matea Banda. He is a great producer who had worked with the Tamil Cinema. Vijay is a prominent producer who worked with the multiple other producer and directors as well. Vijayaraghavendra's film Masala Padam has the genre comedy. It has lasted for two hours. Laxman Kumar did the direction for this venture. Karthik Acharya is the Music Director, which has given a number of songs. Sixty-three percent of Google user has liked it. Laxman Kumar and Vijayaraghavendra did the production in the movie. It has five tracks. This list includes as Evolution of Cinema by Hariharan, The Masala Song by Naresh Iyer and Hyde Karty, Noor Ayiram by Hyde Karty and Bizmac Sylvestre, Abc of Chennai by Benny Dayal and Shubhi, and Paena Munai Dhan by Karthik Acharya. Masala Padam cast list includes as Lakshmi Devy, Bobby Simha, Harini Ramesh, Shive, and Gaurav. It has directed by J Laxman Kumar and Laxman Kumar. Shuva did the role of Mani, Bobby Simha as Amudhan, Gaurav as Karthik, Lakshmi Devy as Diya, Hyde Karty as Hyde, Harini Ramesh as Harini, Prasanth as Kevin, Srini Suryaprakasham as Hari, Arun Thirumalai as Asper, Venkataram as Producer Raman, Thangadurai as Mani's friend, Reshma, Boopal Raj Vaandayar, Sri Hari, Hari Ramesh and Murali Satagoppan. Film Editing has done by Richard Kevin. In this, the producer has decided to challenge the social media reviewers. Its critic's rating is three out of five stars. Laxman Kumar also did the cinematography in the Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Thillu Mullu remake. It is full of comedy, drama, romance, and style. The director Laxman keeps the audience busy in the theaters as per his work. It had shot in the banner of Allin Pictures. It has distributed to the theaters by Auraa Cinemas. It is in the Tamil language. The release date of Vijaya's film is October 9 and in the year 2015. Shiva, Gaurav, Lakshmi Devy, and Bobby Simha did the lead role in it. Lahari Music has associated with the rights of music. It is a great music label.

Vijayaraghavendra Tamil Actor