Dakshina Moorthy is a producer and distributor in the Tamil music industry. He is in the cinema industry right from 1990. He was born and brought up in Kombai, a small village near Theni. His career started as a sales representative in a company named Ananda Cassettes and he sold music cassettes in a door delivery method. He is the pioneer of bringing the Tamil debates through the electronic media. His first debate release cassette was “Indraya Vaazhvukku Vazhikaati Ramayanama Mahabharathama”. This was the first Tamil debate that was recorded in the cassette form. He proudly says, he was the first one who introduced it worldwide. Karnan Kutravaaliya Dharman Kutravaaliya is one of his popular debate releases.

In the year 1995, he joined in a popular channel called Plus Channel as the representative of Tamilnadu to distribute the audio. He is the one who introduced the popular playback singer Unni Menon to sing devotional songs. After the devotional hit, Unni Menon got chances to sing in Cinemas. Dakshina Moorthy is not only a distributor cum producer of the audio cassettes and CDs; but he is also a lyricist. He has penned nearly 40 devotional songs. He also got an honorary award in Thiruthani temple, called Sindhai Vijayan for penning the lyrics about the lord Thiruthani Murugan. Dakshina Moorthy is married in the year 1995. His wife is the granddaughter of Swami Thirumuruga Kirubanandha Wariyar, who was the great devotee of Lord Muruga.

Dakshina Moorthy has also worked in the popular music company Pyramid Sai Meera International, as a General Manager. Dakshina Moorthy started a new music company in the year 2003. The company’s name is Bravo Entertainment. He has the copy rights for more than 700 movies. He also got the digital rights for his movies. His company distributes the Indian films to foreign countries. He provides support to many actors and music directors who want to start the audio company. Many people like actor cum director Parthiban and Cheran have got benefitted by Dakshina Moorthy. He wants to be genuine in his business. He is yet to start an educational project with his own software.

Suresh Kamatchi Tamil Actor

Suresh Kamatchi

Suresh Kamatchi is a Tamil film producer cum director. He is the producer of the Tamil films Amaithi Padai 2 and Kangaroo. At present, he is taking serious efforts to direct a film. Suresh Kamatchi belongs to Paramakudi. He came to Chennai and worked as an assistant director. He worked in Pankaj Productions. After few years, he went abroad and returned India in 2007. He then searched for chances to enter the cinema. At that time, actor cum director, Seeman gave him a chance to produce the film directed by Manivannan. It became successful and that film is Amaithi Padai 2. Then he got a link with the director Sami. Sami told him a story and he liked it very much and decided to produce the movie Kangaroo. He has participated in the producer’s election and also came to know about the difficulties in producing the films and also managing the production. He feels there are many controversies in the producers committee. He feels small producers are not cared well. He slams people, who just open their mouth against pirated CDs; but leave them abruptly. He decided to direct a film, as he has lots of experience in assistant direction. He is going to direct a full length comedy film, with the budding actor Vijay Vasanth. Heroine of that movie is Sri Priyanka, who is the heroine of the movie Kangaroo. Kalabhavan Mani, Charlie, Urvashi, Robo Shankar, Imman Annachi, Super Subbarayan and Power Star Sreenivasan are also in the movie. He expects that this film will surely be a hit and get a good criticism from the people and the critics. Though he directs a film, he likes to continue as a producer and give chances to new directors. Suresh also praises the social sites that expose the criticism of the movies, whether it is good or bad.


Kishore Kumar - Tamil

Kishore Kumar is a director cum producer, who has produced nearly 5 films in Tamil cinema. He stepped into the cinema industry, as a co-producer, through the Murali and Suvalakshmi flick “Dhinanthorum”. Kishore made his second venture with acting Don Sathyaraj in the movie named, “Sena”. He made his solo debut as a producer through the movie “Guinness”. “Chennai to Pondicherry” was his next flick. Currently, Kishore is producing a movie called “Asaivam”. He is committed in producing two Diwali release movies, “Mani” and “Pudhayal”. In his childhood, Kishore had problems with speech. But, by his hard efforts, he overcame it and became a stage singer. He was very much interested to have a touch in the cinema industry. So, he concentrated on music and started his own orchestra. Kishore’s Orchestra has also worked for the popular Laxman Shruthi Orchestra, which is run by the playback singer Malathi. Kishore’s first orchestra’s name was City Boys, which he started during his college days. Kishore Kumar is the best example of self confidence. Kishore has complete knowledge about the cinema and he has own equipments that are necessary for shooting a film. He always wants to try something different and so he shot his movie “Chennai to Pondicherry”, without using any other lighting equipment, except the camera. Kishore Kumar advises people who love to be a part in the cinema, to approach the right people, who do not misuse this profit yielding field. Kishore Kumar has plans to produce a Telugu and Hindi movie in the future.

Kishore Kumar - Tamil Tamil Actor