Sangeetha Rajeev was born on 23 October in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. She is a professional playback singer, an on-stage performer as well as a music composer. She sings both in South Indian films as well as in Bollywood. Besides being a playback singer in films and singing songs written by others, she also sings songs written and composed by herself. She released one of her singles recently in 2016. It was named Chan se Udi. She is an independent musician as well. Her single was trending at the time of release, featuring in the top ten list. Her song was also sung in BBC Asian Network.

Even MTV Pepsi Indies and Radio One promoted her song because it was such a hit at the time of release. She delivers electrifying performances on the stage wherever she performs. Till now, she has performed in over a thousand stage shows. She is a very popular singer worldwide and she has done stage shows in countries other than India. Now, she is a judge in the Kannada music reality show named SaReGaMaPa. She is also one of the jury members. She is also popular in the music world by the name SaRa. After being born in Bangalore, she moved to Mumbai. Her family was music-related and regularly practised music.

In Mumbai, she received expert training in Bharatanatyam by A. Pandey. Her mother trained her in Carnatic Classical Music. She has also received expert training in Hindustan Classical Music by a maestro in the field. The name of her mother is M K Sharadamba. Sangeetha completed her schooling in Mumbai and graduated from Bangalore as an Information Science and Technology Graduate. She then started working for one of the IT Companies in Bangalore. She moved to England to work for another company but she soon returned to India to continue with her music.

Sara has till now sung in a number of films as a playback singer. Her mother inspired her and she became such a big singer only because of her support. Western Music also influences Rajeev. She considers that Western Music legends Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, who were the top people in their own genres, to be her influences. When it comes to Bollywood, she is a big fan of Sunidhi Chauhan. She is greatly influenced by her voice and her style of singing and so she considers herself one of her biggest fans in the country.

Gana Vinoth

Gana Vinoth, a talented young singer, was born in Perambur, Tamil Nadu. He is very hardworking, melodious, inspiring and young singer. He got his early education from Hyder Garden Matriculation School Perambur, Tamil Nadu. He later went on to study in McCain High School, Tamil Nadu. During his college and school education, he never left music and continued to sing at school and college level. He being a famous Tamil singer has sung many songs. He sang the Tamil song ‘Gilli Bambaram’ from the album ‘Atti,’ released in 2016. In this album, he sang along with Senthil Das which released on 14th February 2016. He also sang a beautiful song named ‘Lolipop Cofeebytu’. This song was also from the album ‘Atti’. It was a Tamil song and released on 14th February 2016. He also sang in a movie starring actors like Yuan Balaji, Yogi Babu, Bala Saravanan, Dikshita Manikam and others. He sang in this film with Yogisekar and the lyricist was Mohan Rajan. He sang for another movie with actors like Raavan, Dana Davis, Powerstar Srinivasan, Ranjith and many more. He was the sole singer and the lyricist as well. Gana Vinoth, is a skilled singer and has sung at various stages. He sang at renowned places such as Lakshman Sruthi. He also came on shows like Gana Pettis- Royapuram and everybody appreciated him. He also sang for a hit movie ‘Arali’. A.R. Subbaraj wrote, produced as well as directed it. Muthukumar Anil composed the music for this song. He is also very much concerned about the foul habits of youth. He creates awareness by singing songs. It was a movement known as ‘Gaana Song’. It is a type of initiative in which folk songs are sung and creates awareness. Here he sang about the ill effects of fast foods. He also performed in ‘Maanadamayi’. He was also present at the Dummy’s Movie and spoke there at the movie audio launch. Gana Vinoth is a youth sensation, who had achieved success at a very young age. During his college years as well, he was not only concerned about the studies but was very much inclined towards music. He was passionate about music from a very early age. At an earlier age, he worked with esteemed artists, producers and directors like A.R. Subbaraj, Senthil Das, Mohan Rajan, Muthukumar Anil and others. He is a talented singer and aspires to become a successful musician one day.

Gana Vinoth Tamil Actor