Tamil Novelist ( 0 - 5 )



Thakazhi Sivasankar Pillai


Kamal Haasan


Writers Can Be Of Various Types Depending On The Work

Writers Can Be Of Various Types Depending On The Work They Produce Like Poets Who Write Poems. Novelists Are Writers Who Write Novels As A Medium Of Expression.

A Novelist Can Be Any Person Who Is Into Writing Novels Be It Either Fictional Or Non-Fictional. A Novelist May Be An Amateur Or A Professional. There Are Various Novel Genres. A Novelist May Or May Not Have A Preference For These Genres. There Are Various Famous Tamil Books Written By Tamil Novelists And Some Of Them, That Were Written In Their Local Language, Have Been So Famous That They Are Converted To Their English Versions To Reach A Wider Audience.

Novelists Have The Power To Influence Their Readers And Can Even Create An Impact On Their Lives. Thus, Novelists Have A Huge Responsibility Towards Their Readers And Can Also Help Shape The Thought Process In Young Minds And Can Create Awareness Over Incidents That They May Have Experienced Or May Have Been In Close Proximity With, That They Want To Share With Their Readers.

They Can Help Shape The Youth As Well As Entertain And Humor Their Audience With Their Creativity.