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Nelson Xavier Tamil Actor

Nelson Xavier

Nelson Xavier is currently the news presenter on Sun TV network. He also manages research-oriented news, discussion, and various news programs in the sun TV network. He is an avid book reader, and that is why he appears as a guest in various book fairs held in Tamil Nadu and graces the function with his enlightened speech. He is very popular for program "vivadha medai", that is being aired on Sun TV network. The audiences also love to wait for his daily news bulletin that is being featured every night on Sun TV. Since 2000, he has hosted over 1,000 programs, to his credit. He is extremely popular for the political discussion show which he produces and anchors for Sun TV, and the program is unanimously voted as people show which we know as “vivadha medai”. This anchor was born in Trichy and had completed BSC Mathletics at St Joseph’s college and then MSC Mathematics at Loyola College. Later, he joined Vijay TV and worked in the channel for two years. Next, he moved to Polimer TV, where he handled news beat on education and legal matters only. It was only in 2011, that he joined Sun TV network and continues to regale the audiences with his anchoring style and through research in his program. Having served as a prominent member of a panel of reporters or experts in various TV channel houses, Nelson was quick on his sense for news on his nose and totally at ease in front of camera, Beyond voice, looks, and delivery, the best process that he manages now on the Sun TV program is enough for one to define his skills, for a script on television.