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Mandolin Rajesh

Other names of Mandolin Rajesh: U Rajesh
Mandolin Rajesh Tamil Actor

Mandolin Rajesh is an Indian musician who has worked in several Tamil music albums and singles. Rajesh was the youngest participant in the Magic Mandolin Festival, which was held in Germany. His birth name is Uppalapu Rajesh, but when he came to the music industry, he got the name Mandolin Rajesh. He was born on 17 May 1977 at Palakol, Andhra Pradesh. His father’s name is U.Satyanarayana, and his mother’s name is Kantham. U.Srinivas, his elder brother, was one of the finest Mandolin players of the country. He was inspired by him, and Srinivas was his first music teacher. His father always encouraged him to learn music.

He started playing mandolin from the age of 6. He is the director of Srinivas Institute of World Music which is established in memories of his brother. The institute is in Tamil Nadu and provides free musical education to the students. Besides being a mandolin player he is also a music producer and composer. Rajesh has received worldwide recognition for his talent and has been honored with various awards.