Leon James was born on December first, 1991 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He is a music composer and also a singer, who is a true master of playing the Organ and the guitar, which he started learning at the age of three. His interest in music was fuelled by his father Noel James, who was then working as the manager of the legendary musician A.R.Rahman. During his college days, he was lucky enough to befriend another legend in the industry- Anirudh Rravichander, with whom he performed in the college band- ‘Zinx’. Together, they even bagged the envied Oooh La LA Award for best keyboardists in 2009.Apart from several awards that the band received in various performances, it was these performances that gave him the courage to create his own music which was well received by the few listeners who had access to it at that time- like his friends, and close relatives.

Before taking part in movies as a music composer, Leon had taken smaller professions in the music field itself, such as playing live music and sounds on his piano for stage shows and performances.He has also worked in the musical albums of his friend Anirudh and other maestros such as Santhosh Narayanan Santhosh Narayanan was born on 15 May 1983 in Tami >> Read More... Santhosh Narayanan and Thaman. In 2015, Tamil filmmaker Raghava Lawrence Lawrence Raghavendra is a popular Choreographer, d >> Read More... Raghava Lawrence happened to come across one of the musical albums- ‘VaayaEnVeera’ which he had uploaded to youtube. Raghava took an instant liking for the particular song and thought that it would be apt for the film that he was working on at that time,‘ Kanchana 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... Kanchana 2 ’- a horror/comedy film. Thus, Leon was given his big break into the movie industry, and he was made the chief music composer of the movie. In ‘Kanchana 2’, he composed two songs, both of which were hits in the subcontinent.

His fame skyrocketed, and there was great news of the young ‘boy genius’ who could create great music within a short period. Leon is also a self-taught musician. According to him, it was his father who has been an inspiration for whom, as he had even set up his own studio exclusively for practice sessions. The style, lyrics and rhythm and each song composed by him is distinct and different from the last. After ‘Kaanchana 2’, Leon was approached to be the music director of ‘Ko2’, and he did not think twice before accepting that golden opportunity, thanks to which he has another set of hit songs to add to the feathers on his cap.