Hamara CV is a budding music composer in Kollywood who composes vast and meaningful album for listeners. He also has composed music for short films, and his association with lyricist Karthick KU has brought out some brilliant album records, and both have churned out some of the most popular songs in Tamil private musical album history. Karthick KU is the lyricist who wrote the maximum number songs which were composed by Hamara CV.

He also owns a CV music studios and has a great association with Sarodee Music Group and Rockerz Birds. Hamara CV will always be remembered for the song 'Thatti Thookuravan Yaaru' which is sung by Dhivakar for the movie ' Ka Ka Ka Po Click to look into! >> Read More... Ka Ka Ka Po .' He has composed music for a Tamil short film 'Vaal Kaathadi' which is about a young boy and his love for flying kites. Due to his habit of flying kites, his mother gets into a problem.

Praveen R. Arumugam was the director of the short film. Hamara CV provided the music and background sound for the movie. Deepak S Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Deepak S . Dwaraknath was the editor of the movie, and Arun Raja was the cinematographer. Actors of the movie were Mithun, Laalu Prasad, Charles and Nandhini and Selvi. He then worked for private musical albums as well. For instance, one can site the video song from 'Fake Devathai,' Hamara CV composed, and MC Deepak and Hamara CV sang the song.

MC Deepak wrote the lyrics and the rap of the video album was also credited to MC Deepak. His most lovable and melodious private video albums include the lyrical video 'Engum Un Mugam' for which Saranya R wrote the lyrics, and the singer of the song was Mohana Priya and the mixing was by VC Studios. The music composition was by Hamara CV. Hamara CV also contributed to a tribute song for Anitha who was banned by NEET.

She was not a doctor but wanted to become a doctor which was her dream. Anitha was a daughter of a laborer, a coolie, from Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu, Anitha, who attained the age of 17, wanted to study medicine but ended her life. Hamara CV composed the music of Anitha's album. Pragati VD provided the vocals of the child, and she was trained by Isaikalaimani Ilayaraja. The quotes in the album and editing were by K.U. Karthik, singer.

The rap and lyric was by MCD the rapper 'MC Deepak.' After composing music for short films, musical albums, he got into movies providing soundtrack and background score. His debut was with film 'Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum' ( Ka Ka Ka Po) which has music composition by Santhosh Narayanan Santhosh Narayanan was born on 15 May 1983 in Tami >> Read More... Santhosh Narayanan . Dhina, Hamara CV, and PC Sgivam assisted in the composition. He also did a promotional song for Ka Ka Ka Po movie. Also, CV Studios and Rockerz Birds presented together with a song 'Sonndha Veedu,' which was written and sung by K U Karthik and music was provided by Hamara CV.

It may be noted that Hamara CV composed the first song for the two men brand 'Rockerz Birds' which was titled 'Money Money' (Kaasu Panam) and sung by Hamara VC, K U Karthick, Harini VC, Pragathi, and Puvisha. KU Karthick wrote the lyrics. Rockerz Birds and CV Studios presented even a thriller musical track record too which is available on YouTube channel.

The association of Rockerz Birds and CV studios continued for many more ventures, playback singer Jagadeesh sang the song. Lyrics for this promotional song was by lyricists KU Karthik Karthick K U is an Indian film lyricist, who works >> Read More... KU Karthik , and music director is by Hamara CV. Enge Nee Ponyo was a melodious and beautiful song which was released by Sarodee Music Group. Actor SKR was cast to feature in the album and singer was Dinesh. Editing for this music video was by MS Gopi. The lyrics of the song was by KU Karthik.