Every day in our surroundings, we come to see something new and different; more specifically, we want to see that. They colorize and brighten our daily boring life and gift us a beautiful day. Let’s mention a movie which brought a new turn in Tamil Film Industry i.e. ‘ Iruvar Ondranal (2015)’. When the Tamil people were getting confused and tired of the latest trend in the Tamil movie, ‘Iruvar Ondranal’ came like a blessing to them. It is a romantic comedy film after a sequence of horror ones. However, our topic of discussion is Guru Krishnan and his immense contribution in ‘Iruvar Ondranal’. Guru Krishnan is a Tamil Music Composer. He might have not composed a lot of songs to be called a legendary Music Director but what he did in this movie is just awesome.

He touched the deepest corner of our hearts by simply working to entertain people rather than trying to become a legend. In ‘Iruvar Ondranal’, we enjoyed a nice college love story. Yes, of course, a love story is always enjoyable. If a mind blowing story is blended which good music, it reaches a new height. This is what exactly happened in the movie. Now, we are going to mention the songs composed by Guru Krishnan from ‘Iruvar Ondranal.’ Those are ‘Friendship Friendship’, ‘Silu Silu Kanavukal’, ‘Va Va Oviya’, ‘Mudhal Murai Idayam’, ‘Vadhana Vadhanamey’ and ‘Eano Unnai Kaanavillai’. All the songs are really marvellous. Let’s tell one more thing about the movie that Anbu G. is the director and Paramesh Krishna is the editor. Playback singers are Baba Sehgal, Sunitha Sarathy, Krishna Iyer, Karthik, and Benny Dayal. Prabhu PR and Krithika Malini are the actor and actress.

Kumar Sridhar handled the camera. Other important roles are played by Akhil, Deekshitha, Janani, Karthika, and Shyloo. And, of course, the music director is Guru Krishnan. He was very excited while working with Anbu G. He expressed his feelings at ‘Iruvar Ondranal’ Movie Audio Launch in Hindustan University College in Chennai. The message of the story is very inspiring. In our life, we go through many falls and rises and love is one of that. We all can fall in love anytime with anyone and until we achieve success, we run after it. Sometimes, we fail and at last, we give up hope. But, here in this movie, through the character ‘Kaushik’, the protagonist, it is conveyed that we should not stop try searching our love until we become successful. Thus, Kaushik has become the idol of modern youth through this movie, who spent his five years from schooling to graduation in a quest for love.