U. R. Jeevarathinam

Other names of U. R. Jeevarathinam: Jeevarathnam
Birthday: 1927
Date of death: 26-07-2000

Jeevarathinam is a popular Tamil actor, a producer, a singer, and a playback singer. Jeevarathinam was born in British India at Madras Presidency in Unjalur. Her parents were Kunjammaal and Subramanian. Right from her school days, she loved music and has an interest in music. She sang very well.

Jeevarathinam, at the age of nine, joined a Krishna Drama Company with the help of K.S. Angamuthu. He was a famous comedian in the Tamil industry. She used to learn music under the guardianship of Kunnakkudi Venkatrama Iyer and Kailasa Bhagavathar. Jeevarathinam was a keen observer. She used to watch others actions very minutely so that she can learn from them.

Her career life started as an artist in Salem Modern Theatres. In 1937, when she was just ten she had her debut in the film Sathi Ahalya with the help of Modern Theatres. She portrayed herself as the beautiful woman from the heaven. She also had her other movies. In 1941, Jeevarathinam got an offer for a lead ingénue in Bhaktha Gowri. She had been a famous singer. The song Theruvil varaandi was evidence to her euphonious voice. Jeevarathinam Theruvil varaandi became a super hit song.

Jeevarathinam came up in many photoplays. She acted in 'Devakanya', 'Poompavai', 'Bhojan' and 'Abhimanyu'. Later, she presented herself in Kannagi as Kaunthi Adigal. She received awards with the tag of Isai Kuyil, which meant Nightingale of Music. At Thiruvarur, Swai Dhinakar awarded her on the 100th day function of Kannagi. She starred in many Modern Theatres productions. She started a film production company after her marriage known by Mercury Films. However, the production house could not earn much profit. Their first production was in 1954. It was not a super hit. Then the second one was Vaazhvile Oru Naal in 1956. They starred Garikapati Varalakshmi and Sivaji Ganesan. Their third attempt based on an assumption that they could recover from their incurred losses. However, it was not so. The production house went into huge loss.

Jeevarathinam was a dulcet playback singer. She sang in 'Kannagi' for N. S. Saroja and in Vaazhvile Oru Naal for G. Varalakshmi.

Coming to her personal life, she got married to T. S. Venkataswami. He was the manager of Central Studios. She left acting in films. She actively participated in stage dramas. Both of them have four daughters, four granddaughters, one son and two grandsons. Her beloved died on 7 April 1971. She also lost her life on 26 July 2000 in Manaveli, Chennai. Vetrivel, son of Jeevarathinam and his wife, has decided to write a book on Jeevarathinam.

Jahnavi Kamath Tamil Actress

Jahnavi Kamath

Jahnavi Kamath is an Indian actress born in Mangalore, India. She acted as a child artist in the Kannada serial ‘Mugilu’, directed by K. M. Chaitanya. She pursued a course in journalism and graduated from Christ College in Bangalore. She was trained in acting as well as dancing. She has a touch in classical dance and also salsa dance. She performed in various stage plays such as First Leaf, ‘Antaheen’, and Gumma Banthu Gumma. She joined the teams of Prithvi and Ranga Shankara, who conducted several plays and short films. Importantly, she also attended training for the famous Kalaripayattu, a form of martial art that originated in Kerala. As her dramas boosted her confidence, the Tamil industry gave her the center stage in chasing her dreams of making it into the cinema industry by giving her two successive films in 2012 titled as ‘Otha Veedu’, and ‘Pudhiya Kaaviyam’ (Kaadhal Kaviyam). Both the films were low-budget movies, and though they did not make any impact on the box office, Jahnavi’s talent was well appreciated by the audience and critics, alike. Making her first impression, the best impression, she made her entry into the Kannada film industry. It was the same man, K. M. Chaitanya, who introduced her as a child artist, welcomed her, and gave her the first Kannada debut movie in ‘Paraari’, where she plays a role of a village girl. The motion picture got released in 2013. In the meantime, she was booked for two Tamil movies, ‘Appavin Meesai’, and ‘Kristina’. She also signed up for the Kannada premiere, ‘Chitranna’, but there is no information about the film till now. Soon, she bagged another role in the Kannada motion picture, ‘Bhagyaraj’, which is still in progress. She then came back to the small screen in 2015 with Preethi Enderanu, which was also directed by K. M. Chaitanya. It appears that Jahnavi still has a dream of pairing with Abhishek Majumdar for her plays, and with Puneeth Rajakumar and Diganth for her Kannada motion pictures.



Ranjitha was born on 4th June 1975. She is an actress by profession and has acted in many Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies. She debuted with the Telugu flick, “Kadapa Reddemma” which proved to be a major hit and also gave her the kick start she required in the industry. The picture grossed an excellent business at the box office. In the same year, her Tamil debut movie also released, “Nadodi Thendral” which is a triangular love story between ‘Karthik’ (a goldsmith’s son), ‘Geetha’, who has a poultry farm and an English lady. Geetha and Karthik eventually fall in love with each other due to many encounters and on the other side; the woman is impressed by Karthik’s quality. The plot continues with Geetha and Karthik getting along together with the help of the madam. In the same year, her second film,”Pondatti Rajyam” hit the theaters. Walter Vetrivel, released in 1993, is about an I.P.S. officer and a woman who witnessed people recording rape footages. She is caught by them and is made blind. The officer marries the lady to protect him and stops them from harming her. The soundtrack of the flick was a hit and loved immensely by the audience. ‘Murugan’ where Ranjitha played the role of Gowri, a village resident is about Bala, who accuses her of burning 16 people alive. The minister wants to murder Bala whereas the cop wants him alive. Bala tries to kill the minister but fails and heads back to the village where they protect him. Meanwhile, the minister wants to set a factory in the village, but Bala opposes it and is forced to leave the village, the factory is set but creates problem to the villagers, due to the factory; the land becomes dry due to lack of water. The minister traps Bala in his master plan and accuses him of setting the house on fire and killing 16 people. ‘Saravanan’ created the soundtrack for the flick. In 2000, Ranjitha married Major Rakesh Menon and is with him till date. She took a break from acting during her marriage. She was linked to Swami Nithyananda and accused of having an affair with him. Her other works include Taj Mahal, Independence Day, Johnny Walker, ‘Mafia’, Customs Diary, ‘Karma’, ‘Captain’, ‘Villa’, etc. Her last picture released in 2010 which is ‘Raavanan’ where she portrayed the part of Annam. The flick did a fair business collecting around $10 million. In December 2013, Ranjitha sacrificed the world to become a saint under Swami Nithyananda and is now popularly known as Nithyananda May.

Ranjitha Tamil Actress