Sadaf Mohammed Sayed (Sadha)

Other names of Sadaf Mohammed Sayed (Sadha): Sadaf Mohmad Sayed, Sadha ,Sadaa Sayed
Sadaf Mohammed Sayed (Sadha) Tamil Actress
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Sadaf Mohammed Sayed, who is a popular Indian actress, is better known as Sadha. She mostly acts in South Indian movies and in Telugu and Tamil films and some of her more popular works can be named as Jayam, then Anniyan and also Unnale Unnale Click to look into! >> Read More... Unnale Unnale . Sadha Sayed was born in Maharashtra in Sangli into a middle class family and her family was Muslim. Sadaf Mohammed Sayed’s father is a doctor and her mother is an executive at a bank. She was schooled at the local ‘Sacred Hearts Convent High’ School in Ratnagiri after which she moved on to Mumbai and it was here that she was offered the Telugu film named ‘Jayam’ which was a teenage love story. This film later on became one of the largest blockbusters of the year.

Her debut film ‘Jayam’ being such a large success, Sadha was able to then gain her next role which was a Tamil movie named ‘Anniyan’ which has been considered as her most successful film up to now. She has also done other films like ‘Praanam’, then ‘Naaga’, and ‘Donga Dongadi’, then Aethiree, furthermore in Monalisa, then Leela Mahall Center, then in Varnajaalam, in Avunannaa Kaadannaa, in the film Chukkallo Chandrudu Click to look into! >> Read More... Chukkallo Chandrudu , then in Thirupathi, in Mohini, furthermore in Veerbhadra, and in Janmam and also in the film named as Priyasakhi during the time period between the years 2002 to 2015.