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Preethi Shankar

Preethi Shankar is an actress on the rise. Only being 21, she has an impressive roster of movies to boast about already. Unlike many other stars on this list, she comes through humble beginnings. Born on 13th of October, 1997 in the Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to Mr. Ravi Shankar and Mrs. Viji Shankar, she must have not exactly planned on becoming a movie actress in her formative years. After completing her schooling, she enrolled herself into the prestigious SRM Dental College, Chennai. She successfully graduated after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery (BDS) and becoming Doctor Preethi Shankar. Fate though had something entirely different planned for her. Most people in her position would choose to pursue their post-graduation, but in taking a bold step, she ventured off towards the large screen. Her quintessential good looks and natural flair for acting earned her a breakthrough in Kollywood (Tamil cinema). To cater to this change and carve an image people would hold on to, she adapted the alias of ‘Maya’. Her debut role was in a movie Anba Azagha in 2013. She was cast as the female lead in the same. This paved the way for future projects like Maan Karate, which she did in 2014. The movie portrayed her as one of the few Information Technology professionals, who becomes friends with the movie’s male protagonist. The movie was a moderate success but did well by her, cementing her position in the industry as a promising female starter. Further, she was one of the supporting actors in the movie Darling II, released in 2016. The movie was not well received by the critics but her well-rounded acting garnered her some welcomed attention. Owing to this, the same year saw her playing the lead female in another Kollywood movie titled Unnodu Ka, which was a box office success. To put the cherry on top of a productive year that was 2016 for her, she was among the cast of the Tamil movie Metro as Ramya, which fared well at the box office and as well among critics. She hasn’t been a part of any movie released thereafter. Although, through the movies she has done and the kind of roles she has taken up, she has successfully managed to carve her niche in the Tamil movie industry and its audience. Any official announcement is yet to be made concerning her next project. The paths she has chosen in life and her roles in movies are resonant with the word ‘diverse’. Life seems to hold immense potential and fruitfulness for this young doctor and actor.

Preethi Shankar Tamil Actress