Meenachi Kailash

Other names of Meenachi Kailash: Meenakshi Kailash

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Maya Unni Tamil Actress

Maya Unni

A successful and extremely gifted actress, Maya Unni has turned the film industry upside down with her stunning performances on screen. She has been a part of the Tamil and Malayalam film industry from the year 2004 and still continues to share her talents with us. She has successfully completed a handful of characters that has been widely appreciated by all her movie fans. The actress is a Keralite, but is also fluent in Tamil and finds time to do films in Tamil as well. Maya is a flexible actress who is willing to do any character, trying to broaden her margins and making sure that she has been able to try a whole variety if characters, perfecting them all, and doing what she does best. She is happy to do the lead roles in a movie as well as the supporting characters. She is a greatly talented and gifted actress in the fact that she can change her appearance and her total body posture to extremes, according to the role she is playing. If in one film she has been given the role of a shy timid girl, she would do according to it, with each and every gesture she makes, look she gives, and the way she modulates her voice and dialogues. And if she is given a rather bold character, she is equally able to do the character with ease and perfection. She can transform herself, top do any extreme characters, with the grace of how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. The list of Maya Unii’s contribution to the Tamil and Malayalam film industry comprises of: “Oruvan”, “Calcutta News”, “Mittai”, “Thirupur”, “Elsamma Enna Aankutty”, “Puthumukhangal”, “Maharaja Talkies”, “Naattil Paattayi”, “Ariyadhavan Puriyadhavan”, “Husbands in Goa”, and ”Naadhabrahmam”.She debuted in Malayalam with the film “Oruvan’ in the year 2006, and in Tamil with the film “Mittai”, which was released on 2008.


Meghna Nair

Megha Nair is a talented young South – Indian actress who has been seen to appear in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. She has been entertaining the industry from the year 2008, with her debut movie “Thangam”. Megha was born in the year 1989 in Alappuzha, Kerala, India. In her debut movie, “Thangam”, Megha portrayed the lead character, as Sathyaraj’s wife. In the movie, she was seen to go through an exceptional makeover to help her fit her to9 her character. She did this role when she was just eighteen years old. This just goes on to prove how much a versatile actress she can be. She was born with the talent, and she was born to be on screen. She has been seen active on screen since. The numerous movies that she did have never failed to leave a mark on the hearts of her viewers. She has done several roles including that of a prostitute, a police officer, again proving the flexibility of the actress. One key point of the actress that the directors noticed in her, apart from her expertise in acting, was her height. Her height gained her a ticket to act in the film “Siva” as the tough and strong police officer. A female police officer also shows the female-oriented approach of the actress. Up until now, Megha’s highest profile is “Siruthai”, which she did alongside with some prominent actors of the industry. It has been a good streak for Megha, but in a few instances, her luck ran out. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Megha finds that a few of the films that she starred in were either not released or stopped midway through its production. Even so, she was still able to take part in some major films which spanned over three big film industries- Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam.

Meghna Nair Tamil Actress