Reeja Rajagopal is the original name of Mallika, who is known for her character roles in Tamil films. Her understanding portrayal in Autograph, a 2004 Tamil flick, directed by Cheran, fetched her the Best Supporting Actress Award at Filmfare. The 2002 Malayalam flick Nizhalkuthu was her debut flick, in which she had a small role. It was Autograph which garnered Mallika the much-needed recognition. Later, she was busy doing roles in both Tamil and Malayalam. 

Other than the award for Autograph, Mallika is also credited with the Special mention from the Jury credit from the 59th National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards for the 2010 flick Byari. This film has the credit of being the pioneer film in Beary language. Born in Thrissur, Kerala, Mallika had a brief stint in a TV serial; she worked in the project Anjali. Naa Autograph "Naa Autograph" was a Telugu TV show. The TV show >> Read More... Naa Autograph , Thirupaachi, Kundakka Mandakka, Unakkum Enakkum, Thotta, Priyappetta Nattukare, Indian Rupee Click to look into! >> Read More... Indian Rupee , Byari, Mr. Marumakan, Puthiya Theerangal, Kathaveedu, Ginger, Ozhimuri, Chennaiyil Oru Naal are some of the flicks in which she acted.

Mallika has been in the industry for more than a decade. Cooking and travelling are her interests other than acting. She is a trained Karate person. Mallika confesses that she is tomboyish in character. Mallika doesn’t mind playing supporting roles, which is quite sportive of her. Mallika doesn’t promote herself in the film industry, which she considers her weakness. Mallika feels that colleague Bhavana is her close buddy in the industry. However, she is friendly with everyone in the industry. She feels that hardwork and luck play a great part for sustaining in film industry. Mallika has expressive eyes and good talent and it is to be seen whether she will gain more awards in the coming years. But with her attitude she will surely sustain in the industry for many more years. Way to go Mallika!