V.N.Janaki or more noteworthily known as Janaki Ramachandran was a renowned Indian Tamil actress and also a politician. Born on the November of 30th, 1923, to Rajagopalan Iyer and Narayani Amma at Vaikom in the state of Kerala, little did the country know that the newly born damsel would go on to become the Chief Minister of a state some day. Her first marriage was in 1939 to Ganapathy Bhatt, at the tender age of 16, with whom she bore a son named Surendran.

But in 1963, she went on to marry M.G.Ramachandran or more popular as MGR among his supporters and the people of Chennai. MGR was an actor, producer, and politician and thrice consecutively elected as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He was also the first film actor to become the Chief Minister of a state in India. Janaki entered the movie fray in the late 1940s wherein she went on to act in roughly 25-30 movies. Velaikarrai, Rajamukhthi, Aiyiram Thalaivangiya Apoorva Chintamani were some of her noteworthy films.

She was also argued to be more talented than her iconic husband and also has been known to earn almost twice the income, from a fewer number of movies, compared to her husband.In 1987, soon after the death of her husband, who was then the leader of Tamil Nadu’s AIADMK political party, she was deemed to take over as the chief of party. She was ascended into the Chief Ministers post immediately which made her the first woman CM of Tamil Nadu.

However the government only lasted for twenty-four days, and her party suffered a heavy defeat in the following elections. She resigned from the party quit politics after that. Also known for her humongous philanthropy, Janaki donated a vast majority to various charities, relief funds and also setting up institutes for people who are differently abled.

Ilavarasi Tamil Actress


Ilavarasi had talent, but she never used it very well in all her movie, her dialogue delivery, nuances were the same in every movie she appeared. However, Ilavarasi gave an excellent and meaningful performance in Visu’s Samsaram Adhu Minsaram. She also did a good role in a Malayalam movie ‘Hitler’ in 1996 with Shobana and Mammootty, which was the biggest grosser in Mollywood. Ilavarasi made a debut with ‘Alaya Deepam’, a 1984 Tamil feature film which had Sujatha and Rajesh in the lead roles. She got to play a supporting character in the film. She acted with Chandrasekhar in 'Oomai Vizhigal', which was a blockbuster. She was also seen playing Karthik’s wife in ‘Aval Sumangalithan, a 1985 Tamil drama film directed by Visu. She appeared in a film ‘Kuva Kuva Vaathugal’, a 1984 Tamil Indian feature film which had Sivakumar, Sulakshana, Pandiyan in lead roles. Her first half-a-dozen film where she acted as leading lady had stars like Murali, Pandiyan, Rajkumar Sethupathi, K.S.G. Venkatesh or Chandrasekhar. Since she did not have a star power and never even have acted with popular actors, she became the most underrated actress. She also started acting in Telugu and Kannada movies, where she landed up getting only supporting actress role. In 1984, she appeared in K.Bhagyaraj’s film ‘Dhavani Kanavugal’ which had thespian Sivaji Ganesan playing a lead role. This actress wanted to act in author-backed roles and never did any glamorous character. She did not even have the pressure of essaying or playing a leading lady or being glamorous. She quit acting after Dil, 2003 released film. It is true nobody has the answer why she quit films. But she is one actress who had a good script sense and did films that she wanted to do in her time. She was most comfortable doing Visu or Bhagyaraj films. As long she had been working in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies she was comfortable with any director or actors, there was no other issue.


Kalyani Natarajan

Kalyani Natarajan is an Indian actress who predominantly appears in Tamil cinema. She is a Tamilian based in Mumbai where she had enacted as many as 15 Tamil plays on stage. She relocated to Kollywood in order to pursue her passion of acting in films. Before making her debut in movies, she handled many modeling assignments as well. After which she had begun her film journey. She was auditioned for Sathyaraj’s wife in director Vijay’s ‘Thalaivaa’, but she could not make it. Hence, the first film that came in her lap was ‘Settai’( Tamil) that released in 2013. ‘Settai’ was a remake of Hindi movie Delhi Belly where she appeared in a cameo role. In the same year, she appeared as Imran Khan’s sister-in-law in Dharma Productions 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’. Sooner, she followed up doing many supporting roles in various Tamil movies. In 2014, she was seen in a movie ‘Saivam’ (a remake of Telugu film ‘Dagudumootha Dandako,' where she appeared as Nassar's daughter Meenakshi and got noticed. But she met with her biggest success in Mysskin’s Pisaasu where she essayed the role of a mother in the form of Janaki Soundarrajan. It seems that when she came to Chennai for the release function of ‘Saivam’, she met the film director Mysskin and enquired if he was looking for someone to play a character in his film. Later, the director auditioned her for the role. The actress also is doing a small cameo in ‘Atlee’s Vijay 59,’ where she will play the role of a doctor. This actress who had missed earlier playing Sathyaraj’s wife in ‘Thalaivaa’, was seen playing Sathyaraj’s wife in Editor Anthony’s film ‘’Oru Naal Iravil’ (a remake of Malayalam blockbuster movie "Shutter"). Her forthcoming movies are ‘Dictator’ where she plays Nassar’s wife. In Prabhu Deva’s upcoming film ‘Vindohan’, Kalyani will be seen playing actor Varun’s mother. As Tamil cinema is always blessed with a mother role in every movie, it will not be difficult for Kalyani Natarajan to take her career in a flying spirit.

Kalyani Natarajan Tamil Actress