Gayathri Rajagopal is an actress from Tamil Nadu. She is famous for her work in motion pictures such as Nachiyarpuram Nachiyarpuram is a Tamil serial broadcast on the Z >> Read More... Nachiyarpuram , and ‘Karunai’.

Karunai was the first ever movie done by her. It released in theaters in the month of March of 2010. It includes famous actors from Tamil Nadu such as ‘Ilan’, Master Balaji, and of course Gayathri Rajagopal. The genre of this motion picture was drama. Along with engaging in the work of lead actress in the movie, the talented Ilan has also directed this motion picture. The film got produced under the Ram Sairam Films Banner. The meaning of the word ‘Karunai’, which is the title of the film, is clemency or compassion in the English language.

‘Nachiyarpuram’ was a Tamil motion picture released in the February of year 2012. The title theme of the movie is love, and it is a light-hearted one. Ravichandar K. C. was the director of this entertaining movie. Gunasekaran M. was the producer. Gayathri Rajagopal was in one of the many roles, which was a lead. Acting alongside her were renowned Tamil actors such as Shakeela, Nalini, Kovai Senthil Kovai Senthil is a supporting actor in the Tamil C >> Read More... Kovai Senthil , Nellai Siva Nellai Siva is a famous comedian and a supporting >> Read More... Nellai Siva and Thiyagu. The lyrics of the songs of this motion picture got written by talented lyricists such as Snehan, Piraisoodan, and Tamilmaran. Nachiyarpuram is also an actual city in Tamil Nadu, a state in India.

She is also known for acting in the TV situation comedy show, Padalaiku Padalai Padalaiku Padalai is a television series which is >> Read More... Padalaiku Padalai . This show gets telecasted on the Tamil television network. The story involves a couple, who get married recently, and have to live out of India. It describes all of their adventures and troubles while they are overseas. The star actors include the very talented trio, Neelakandan, Bhaski, and Charu. Gayathri Rajagopal has a supporting role in the series. She acts alongside side artists such as Siri and Gnanam. Deepan, Kumaresh, and Krishnananthan have also made short appearances throughout the shooting of the program. The couple probably lives in Denmark, a nation which is in the smallest continent called Europe. It is why the show also has actors from Denmark’s origin such as the Jebanesan family.

Along with being broadcasted on the Tamil television network, the network has also produced this show. A person named ‘ Sudhan Raj Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sudhan Raj ’ is the director. The final editing of the episodes gets done by Shankar. Anandhan handled the art department, which is very crucial for the acting industry. The music composer who created the title song was Sarangan. The melodious singers singing it are Jeevan and Gajan.