Pandu is a Tamil comedy actor who has been in the cine field since 1970. His brother Idichapuli Selvaraj Idichapuli Selvaraj was born in 1939 in Tamilnadu, >> Read More... Idichapuli Selvaraj is also a famous person in the cinema field. After schooling, Pandu developed his interests by joining the arts and science college in Chennai. His debut film was Maanavan. He has appeared in almost fifty-five films. Apart from movies, Pandu has a great interest in art. He exhibited his artworks few years back, along with his son Prabhu Panju.

Pandu's mainstream business was aluminum and brass metal crafting, named as 'Prapanj unlimited’. Panju is in charge of his family business. Most of his works were based on typography. He designed them using his fingers, to maintain a bond with his paintings. While Pandu's works were based on the facts and fantasy of the human mind, his son Panju's works concentrate on the Tantric. Pandu was appreciated and praised by MGR for designing the AIADMK party's flag. Pandu's another son Pintu is trying his luck in the cine field. He made his film debut in the year 2012.