Looking at the initiation into showbiz of the popular and handsome South Indian actor, ‘Abbas’, one can only marvel at the way he has constantly moved around and has now settled into the position he currently occupies. Starting off from Kolkata, where he was born in 1975, he completed his education from Kolkata itself, and made his first move into modeling while still in school. Moving up the modeling ladder, he soon moved to Mumbai and became contemporaries with well-known names like Sameer Malhotra Sameer Malhotra is a model turned actor, who stepp >> Read More... and Dino Morea.

While holidaying in Bangalore during his modeling days, he caught the eye of film director Kathir, who prevailed upon producer Kunjumon to cast him in his film, “Kadhal Desam”. Although the film had other well known actors and actresses, he became a rage, especially with his female fans, after they saw his performance in the super hit song number, “Mustafa Mustafa”. This chartbuster number by A. R. Rahman was the forerunner of such later hits of Bollywood like “Muqabla Muqabla”.

After that, there was no looking back for Abbas, and all his initial hesitations about his lack of knowledge of Tamil also flew away. He not only acted in a range of Tamil films after this, but also appeared in Telugu movies, besides hosting music videos in Hindi (encouraged obviously by his “Mustafa” item). He also acted as the host of a number of TV games shows. On the side, he also did modeling roles for well-known products, who were always there for his asking. Although after 2003, he spent a lot of time for his own family business in the South.

He did not totally isolate himself to his acting career, but went on to act in a few Hindi movies too, like, “Ansh”, “ Zinda Dil Zinda Dil is a youth show on Bindaas Sara Khan who >> Read More... ” and “ Woh Lamhe Click to look into! >> Read More... ”. It has indeed been a full circle for one who had dreamt of being an air force pilot in his childhood. Although he has not been able to log that many aeronautical miles, it is certain that he has been able to register quite a good deal of cinematic mileage.

Aadukalam Naren Tamil Actor

Aadukalam Naren

Aadukalam Naren was born in Chennai the heartland of Tamil cinema, in a family which took keen interest in movies. He was interested in acting and was also encouraged by his family members, and so he decided to go through formal training before he could enter the industry. In fact he was originally christened Narayan, but as was the prevailing practice he abbreviated it to Naren, and that was the name by which he came to be well known. He received his formal training in acting and dancing from Kala, who was then one of the more accomplished trainers for aspiring artists. Naren himself went on to become an acting teacher himself. Soon after, he was successful in making his entry into films through “Raman Abdullah”released in 1997. The next few years saw him acting in largely inconsequential films as far as his film career was concerned. He did, however, did take part in this period, in BaluMahendra’s reasonably successful TV serial “KathaiNeram”However, not until 2011 could he really make a mark in the film industry, although he was acknowledged as a good actor. It was through director Vetrimaaran’s “Aadukalam”that he really caught the audience’sattention and got lauded for his role. In fact, along with his other contemporary, Murugadoss, this film changed the career path of both, so much so that they both decided to add the prefix “Aadukalam” to their names. He had a reasonably successful and consistent run for the next few years, playing several character roles. He was specially appreciated for his portrayal of the hero, Sasikumar’s father in the 2012 starrer “Sundarapandian”. He, however, did not break his links with Tamil TV, having featured in serials “Kana KaanumKaalangal” andSivamayam, in between.The future line up also seems promising for Naren, with films like “InnimeyIppadithan”, “Vaalu” and “Malupu” in 2015.


Amit Bhargav

Amit Bhragav obviously comes from that band of gifted youngsters who are not only oozing with talent but have the self confidence to brandish it to their best advantage. Although holding an obviously North Indian name, his base has been the South, shuttling between the Kannada and Tamil film industries with consummate ease. For people like him it is quite often that they are a little foggy about where their real interests lie, and for him his childhood desire was to become a lawyer so that he could get lot of opportunities to talk, argue and elaborate things. But a chance encounter with director B Jay shree who offered him a role in the play “Sadarame”, changed his entire life. It suddenly dawned on him that it was drama that he wanted all the time and not the role of a lawyer that he was dreaming of. He grew so fond of theatre that he soon formed his own group called Pratikriyaand directed his first play in Kannada, loosely based on one of Moliere’s classics. But “Sadarame” really was the one play that launched him on to bigger arenas, starting with the role of Rama in the vastly popular TV serial “Seethe Rama Katha Hridayam”. After that he never looked back and his self confidence grew steadily enabling him to embark into Tamil cinema, and moving over to Chennai in 2012. He has now become a regular star both in Tamil cinema as well as on TV, having appeared in Tamil movies like“Vizhi Moodi Yosithal” and “Yennamo Yedho” andhaving films like “Yennai Arindhaal”in the pipeline. With his role in the Hindi movie “2 States”,based on Chetan Bhagat novel he has already received national recognition for himself.

Amit Bhargav Tamil Actor