Sathish Chandrasekaran is a director by profession. He was born in 1986 in Tamil Nadu. From an early age, he has been working very hard and has been nominated in various competitions. Some of them include of Pondicherry Short Film Competition 2012, Centerstage in 2012 which was a State Level Short Film Contest. Some of the milestones of his life in 2011 was that the shoot for his second and first short film was completed.

He is one of the notable directors in the Tamil industry. He has directed various films like Darling Click to look into! >> Read More... Darling 2. It is a Tamil Horror movie which released in 2016 and was produced by Rite Media Works. It is regarded as one of the excellent works done by him. Sathish Chandrasekaran also says that the coming second part of the Tamil horror-thriller “Darling,” has taught him a lot about the nitty-gritty stuff of the commercial cinema.

He says that he has earlier worked on short films and Darling 2 has made him learn a lot of new things and techniques. He speaks that if you are making a short film, then you can make it in any way you want but the same whole thing changes when you work on a feature movie. Because these feature flicks are all about budget, casting, marketing and shoot.

He is regarded as one of the most successful directors in the Tamil film industry and is known for the way he handles all the situations on the sets. His presence of mind helps him get to the victory of his movies. In an interview, he said that he loves to be a storyteller and it is his films which act as a stage to depict those tales.

He wants that people would come to know about the stories he thinks and find the medium to be the best. He also adds that the riddles of a person’s life have been shown in the flicks and they can be solved by watching them.