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Praveen Gandhi Tamil Actor
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Praveen Gandhi is a brilliant Indian actor and film director who have made many big budget Tamil films such as Ratchagan in year 1997; the romantic musical film, Jodi in 1999 and another action film, Star in 2001. 

His directorial journey started when producer, K. T. Kunjumon of Ratchagan noted him as a young talented man who has full of ideas and strives to work hard. Ratchagan was launched on January 1996 but it was filmed in January 1997. The casts include Nagarjuna, A.R Rahman and Miss Universe winner, . It was filmed around India including places like Goa, Delhi, Rajasthan, Mumbai and Manali. Kunjumon claims that the film will become India’s most expensive production. However, it received mixed reviews and failed to make it to a box office success.


Praveen came back in year 1999 through the romantic drama film, Jodi which also feature actress, Simran and Prashanth. The film was first released and was titled as Praveenkanth, Praveen’s real name and later he was known as Praveen Gandhi. He also appeared in a cameo role in the said film and portrayed the role of a deserting youngster, assisting the role of Prakanth. When the film was opened, it received positive reviews and made it to become a box office success, which led him to work in another film venture with the same casts in the Tamil action film, Star in 2001. But it failed to make reach the same success that Jodi received. Praveen played a supporting role in the film and he gained negative reviews for his direction and acting. 

In year 2003, he started working in the Tamil film, Thullal where he played the main lead role. This film was delayed and eventually released in year 2007. He received poor reviews and the critic labeled the film as ‘torture’. But despite his constant failure in the recent films he has done, he later announced two more films on his credit entitled, Muktha and the film, Vilasam TN 03 6999. But both films were never release nor completed. He also planned to make the film, Adayalam, which stars Ragini, but it didn’t happen. 

After some time of hibernation, in year 2014, Praveen directed the Tamil film, Puli Paarvai Click to look into! >> Read More... Puli Paarvai which is based on the life of Balachandran Prabhakaran who headed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam movement and the son of Velupillai Prabhakaran. The film also tackles his journey and how he was captured and murdered. Praveen took some time on researching about the film and he even went to Srilanka to take a look on the landscape, culture, the climate there and the people including their dialect.